Tuesday Takeover: Meet Ashley Bruce, Esq.


Where do you live in Palm Beach County?  How long have you lived here?

I currently live in Loxahatchee Groves with my husband, two children, and a bunch of animals, and absolutely love the area which is rural yet close to the hustle and bustle of Wellington and Royal Palm Beach.  We’ve been in “the groves” for about 2 years and have settled nicely into the lifestyle and have even adopted several animals.  Before the rural life out West, we lived in Boynton Beach at Renaissance Commons because it was half way between our two law firms which were in Fort Lauderdale and North Palm Beach. And before that, my husband and I lived in downtown West Palm Beach in the apartments off of Rosemary Avenue.  I have even lived and went to school in Boca Raton when I was growing up, and so I feel like I almost have the entire county covered!

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The family on a camping trip in St. Augustine.

What do you love about living in Palm Beach County?

Really two things — the people and the places make this area the top area in the country to live.  First, the people are some of the friendliest and most down to earth people that you will meet.  I made some very nice friends the first few years out of law school while living in downtown West Palm Beach and still have those friends, who are all now moms, to this day.  We continue to meet so many nice people who are just looking for happiness through the work that my husband and I do as divorce and family law attorneys.  Second, there are so many activities to do and places to go in Palm Beach County.  We really hardly ever leave the area unless it is to go camping in the mountains or go to our beach house in Vero Beach.  From the southern end of Palm Beach County, you have fancy-smancy Boca Raton, with delicious restaurants, high class shopping, and outdoor perusing at Mizner Park.  Then, if you are in the mood for “going out for a night on the town,” you’ve got Delray Beach, with the packed restaurants and bars, and eclectic shops.  Oh how this area has grown!  Then, Boynton Beach offers a few nice restaurants where you can sit right on the water that you can even dock your boat at.  Still, Boynton Beach is growing exponentially out west with nice new developments, schools, and shops.  Then, to the north you have Lantana which offers its own special flair and charm.  Just above that you have the ever growing metropolis of West Palm Beach, with countless boutique shops, restaurants, and the very relaxing docks downtown (which is where my husband and I became engaged).  Finally, the northern part of Palm Beach County, from Palm Beach Gardens to and Jupiter, there are countless places to visit and some really nice places right on the water to enjoy.  Palm Beach County really does have it all.

How many children do you have? What are their ages?

We have a boy and a girl who are a year apart, and who really rule the roost.  Our children are 4 and 5 years old.

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The children enjoying a walk around the Stone Mountain campground.

What is your job description?

I honestly believe that I have the best job on the planet.  My husband and I own and operate our own divorce and family law firm that services all of Palm Beach County, and mostly focuses on helping women through a difficult divorce.  We are both lawyers.  We have offices in West Palm Beach and also out where we live, in Wellington, and have seven lawyers that are exclusively devoted to handling divorce and paternity matters, including child custody (timesharing and parental responsibility), alimony, and property division issues.  My primary job with our law firm is to meet with potential new clients (called a consultation), and answer all of their questions so that they understand the divorce process and feel comfortable.  I take a “no pressure” approach where my goal is to help people understand everything as best as possible so that they have the knowledge and strength to move forward if they need to.  I often witness my clients walk into our office on the first day, distraught, insecure, and upset, and watch them blossom into being more confident, secure, and their knowing that a better life was ahead. Hard decisions now sometimes are the best decisions for the long term. You can get a glimpse of this in my article for Palm Beach Mom Collective at:  https://palmbeach.momcollective.com/love-marriage/sunshine-after-the-rain/ While I represent men and women, my passion is helping women break free from abusive marriages to controlling, manipulative, and/or narcissistic men. (My husband and I even have written a free book on this topic!)  In all cases, as a family lawyer, my goal is to obtain a favorable result for clients as quickly and efficiently as possible so they can move on to the life they desire and deserve to be living. While I enjoy watching my clients blossom, I truly believe the best divorce is the one that never needs to happen, and that is why my law firm supports and encourages marital counseling and has even devoted our own website to it, http://staymarriedflorida.com/.

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My husband (and law partner) getting the word out about divorce and family law and how we can help.

What is your favorite activity to do in Palm Beach with your family?

Typical, that I would say boating.  So there, I am saying it:  boating with my family.  But in addition to that, last year, we adopted a rescue horse from a slaughter pen.  It was something that we had never done and would never do again, but in the face of there being 100 problems with this horse, there are none.  We have consistently worked with this 4 year old thoroughbred for the past year, and it is often a family affair.  Her wounds from mistreatment have healed, and we have watched her grow into a beautiful mover.  Recently, she has shown in local horse shows and has placed in the ribbons.  It truly has been an amazing experience taking an animal from the brink of death and transforming her into having a beautiful life. 

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Our daughter and horse’s first horse show, Palm Beach County Horseman’s Association.

Best piece of parenting advice you have received:

Teach your children to have empathy and you will then have less rules to enforce.