Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex


At Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, we spent a fun family day learning about the history of interstellar exploration, while learning about what is happening now in the space program!

Once inside, we entered Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex. This experience focuses on the present and future of collaborative space exploration. Several rides simulate the space travel experience, including Mission to Mars. Lines for the rides opened at 9:30 and we walked right on. The lines for this ride can get long, so it was nice to ride in the morning before it got crowded. Our kids enjoyed the rides and also liked watching an interactive STEM demonstration, which included fun tricks like blowing up a balloon quickly and a magic trick with evaporating water in a cup, while talking about the science behind it.

After exploring Gateway, we walked among the towering rockets Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo in the Rocket Garden.

Next, we took the bus tour (included with general admission tickets) to the Apollo/Saturn V Center. During the ride we learned about the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and the scope and size of the launch building, which is large enough to hold a rocket.

Arriving at Apollo/Saturn V Center, we experienced what Mission Control was like in 1968, and stood under the gigantic Saturn V, the largest rocket ever flown. Touching a moon rock inside a display case, my 6-year-old said, “I’m touching the moon!”

We ate lunch at the Moon Rock Cafe inside the Apollo/Saturn V Center, and our kids also enjoyed trying space food from the gift shop.

On the bus back to the Main Visitor Complex, we watched a short video, and when we arrived, we went on the Shuttle Launch Experience ride.

We also explored the Planet Play exhibit, a fun and interactive playground, located inside the IMAX Theater (east side).

Visiting Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is a fun, educational, and inspiring experience!