Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast


There is a fun new class for kids in our area: Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast! Founded by a physician, each class teaches real medical skills in an age-appropriate and fun curriculum. Little Medical School Treasure Coast wants kids to dream big, and imagine themselves as future healthcare heroes! They offer summer camp, after school programs, drop off classes, birthday parties, and custom events.

Palm Beach MomsLast weekend, we took our first class with Little Medical School Treasure Coast, called “All About the Heart!” It took place at Crafthaus at Downtown Palm Beach Gardens. First, kids learned about the anatomy and function of the heart, and then built their own working stethoscopes to take home! Next, each child painted a piece of pottery. The kids were engaged, learning, and participating in fun hands-on activities, like doing jumping jacks to get their heart rates up, and learning how to listen to a heartbeat with a stethoscope.


Little Medical School Treasure Coast offers a variety of classes including veterinary medicine, little pediatrician, wilderness medicine, and more! Learn more about their upcoming classes on their website (, call (772) 529-3828 or email here on their contact form!