Create a Home Spa Day

Looking to have a little spa luxuries right at home? Check out a few items that I have been loving to help me relax and feel better!
I have a few favorite self care rituals, but lately, the most lovely one, that first that comes to mind are hot showers with home made sugar scrubs! There’s something about the essential oils combined with coconut oil and sugar that are just like a warm blanketed hug around you! 
Give it a try! I promise you will be surprised of how relaxing and peaceful this random act of self care can be! 
Add coffee grinds for a skin firming/ anti-cellulite benefit, or just if you love the scent of coffee! 
Peppermint oil can be very awakening or lavender very calming for your scrub! 
Get sassy and add some vanilla bean seeds, fresh mint or flowers!
There are plenty of local shops or online shops that sell homemade sugar scrubs and lotions. Lorie at the Orchids Nest in Delray Beach makes some of the best essential oil blends of everything!! 
Breathe in the aromas within the hot steam and try repeating this positive affirmation: “Take each moment as it comes, happy, healthy, peaceful, calm.” 
There. Now you are one relaxed Momma!

If you want to try a little aromatherapy at bath time for the kids, you have to check out these bath bombs from Costco, pictures below. Two sisters created this line of bath bombs infused with essential oils. They look and smell delicious enough to want to eat!! (Although you cannot eat it, and make sure your kids know that!) Oh and bonus, there’s a super cute surprise inside the bath bomb! I will secretly steal one of these from my kids when this Momma can escape for a relaxing bath of my own! Personal note: I have my kids just put their hands and feet in the water as the bath bomb dissolves. We enjoy the water change colors, smelling the yummy scents and find our surprise! Then we drain the water and rise off in our fresh bath water! 


I recommend to finish your family spa day at home sugar scrub and bath bomb experience with some CyMe hydrating lip balm from massage envy! This is a clear and shiny lip balm that just leaves you feeling and looking refreshed and ready for what’s next! 
Warning: This gloss will promote instant Mommy red carpet moment selfie mode! Rock it! Feel glorious and loved! You deserve it Momma! Gift some luxurious scrubs to your fave Galentine this month to show some love and promote some always welcomed and needed self care to your fellow Mommas! 
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Originally from Long Island, New York, Kim Ballejo first moved to Florida as a college student, fell in love with Palm Beach and never left. After college, Kim worked in Diagnostic Imaging for over 10 years and is now a married, stay at home mom with two daughters, ages 4 and 6. She loves to write about experiences in motherhood, exploring new and fun things to do with the kids, and connecting with the amazing moms in the community. Kim also enjoys crafting, working out at Orange Theory Fitness, shopping, make-up, fashion, movies, massages, facials, moms nights out, date nights, going on family cruises and everything Disney!!! If you see her in target, say hello... but if you catch her cutting the car line at the school just look the other way! Kim is a contributor for Palm Beach Moms Blog and you can follow her on Instagram @kimballejo


  1. I just found an amazing website called last night! There’s some amazing diy lotion bars and sugar scrub recipes on there!! Check it out Mommas!! I’m going to try the lotion bars!! If anyone has a favorite recipe that they use and love, please share below!!

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