Why I Love You: A Fun and EASY Valentine’s Tradition For Your Family


Confession – I’m not what you would call a “crafty” mom.  I don’t own a Cricut.  I’ve never cut sandwiches into shapes or designed a nursery worthy of a Pinterest save.  And honestly for a long time, I felt guilty about this.  But I soon realized that while God didn’t equip me with a talent for anything crafty or cutesy, He did gift me with a knack for creating family traditions and infusing FUN into our day-to-day lives.  

So here’s my Valentine’s gift to you mamas – a super EASY and fun way to celebrate this season of love – 

Why I Love You – A Valentine’s Family Tradition

  1.  Find (or make) heart cut outs.  The amount of hearts you need will depend on when you start, and we finish with the last heart on Valentine’s Day.  Another confession, I usually buy these in the dollar section at Target, but they either didn’t have them this year or I didn’t snatch them up in time.  This year a teacher friend made them for me with construction paper.  That’s right, I outsource for what I’m not capable of.   I’m telling you this so that you know that the actual hearts are NOT the important part.  It’s construction paper.  And also so if you’re like me, I want you to NOT feel guilty for your lack of crafting skills.  You’re gifted in other areas!!  (Can you tell I say this to myself a LOT?)
  2. Pick one heart and write something you love about that person.  In the craziness of our schedules and life in general, I think we tend to say “I love you”, but we forget “I love THAT you….”.  My son, much like me, is very critical of himself.  This one, simple night time activity reminds my husband and I to call attention to the amazing things we love about our son.  And it’s definitely cute to hear what the siblings have to say about one another!  (“I love when my little sister doesn’t break apart the legos I spent all day building.”  Noted.)
  3. Hang the hearts on display.  I use blue painters tape and stick the hearts right onto their bedroom doors.  I’m sure someone craftier than me could string them along a banister or knit them into blanket, but nonetheless even the fridge door would work.  
  4. Feel the LOVE!  I catch my son stopping to read his hearts before school or in between playing.  He rereads his sisters hearts to her before bed.  Even when you’re not around, your words are.  What you speak into your child’s life is powerful.  Make it a meaningful, loving Valentine’s season!
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