Chocolate Berry Cake – You Can Feel Good About: Homemade with Organic Valley Milk


Our family loves milk and we go through a ton of it!  However, not all milk is created equal.  Drinking Organic Valley milk makes these kids happy and makes my husband and I happy. 

Just like the love and care we put into our own families, Organic Valley does the same for their cows and the milk they produce. You taste and feel the difference when you drink their milk and eat their other products like butter, cream, eggs, cheese, and more.

How do you make cows happy?  Organic Valley knows the following:

  1. Benefits of being outside. Organic Valley cows are outside on pasture 50 percent more than the USDA organic standard leading to happy cows and better milk. Similar to our kiddos, when they take a break from devices and get outside – they are generally healthier and happier too! 
  2. Benefits of a nutrient rich diet. Because Organic Valley cows spend more time outside, they get to enjoy a lot of fresh, green grass in their diet. Think of it as a nutritious and delicious salad bar for cows. All the nutrients they get from a pasture-based diet not only helps keep them healthy and feeling good but also help make excellent quality milk.  
  3. Benefits of play. Organic Valley farmers work hard to create an environment where animals can freely express their natural behaviors – like grazing, roaming, and playing on pasture. Think about the smiles on our kids when we let them run around a huge field!
  4. Benefits of TLC. As a cooperative made up of small family farms, that means they keep their herds small, which allows for a lot of TLC. Organic Valley farmers care deeply about the care of their cows and know their personalities and quirks. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for Organic Valley farmers to name their cows and call them by name, just like our kids named our dog and their fish.

Where can you buy Organic Valley products in Palm Beach County?  Check out this store locator for the location closest to your home.

The Organic Valley website is filled with great recipes to try using their products.  We decided to try out the Chocolate Berry Flag Cake

Palm Beach Mom Collective is proud to partner with Organic Valley to bring you this information about their great products.