Tuesday Takeover: Meet Laura Bedard, Esq.


Where do you live in Palm Beach County? 

Secretly, I live just over the PBC Line into Martin County, but still in Jupiter. Every single thing I do and go to, including my children’s school and my career, is in Palm Beach County. That being said, I live in Jupiter, within walking distance to Tequesta.

How long have you lived here? 

I was born and raised in Palm Beach County. I went to Verde Elementary, Boca Raton Middle School, and Spanish River High School growing up in Boca Raton. I went away for college and law school and immediately return to Palm Beach County to start my career and family. I lived in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Jupiter before finally settling in my current home in Jupiter 14 years ago.

What do you love about living in Palm Beach County? 

I love my friends, my kids’ friends, the water, the restaurants, and all the resources available to us.

How many children do you have? 

2 sons and 2 stepdaughters

What are their ages? 

Lincoln is 10, Mac is 8, Lilly is 16 and Noelle is 19.

What is your job description? 

I am an insurance defense attorney who specializes in insurance coverage and bad faith issues. I advise insurance companies how to handle cases as well as defend them when they are sued directly. I have worked together with my husband at the law firm since 2003.

What is your favorite activity to do in Palm Beach with your family? 

Go to the beach, go out to dinner at Harbourside or PGA Commons, and play sports with my sons at one of the many fields around town.

Best piece of parenting advice you have received: 

The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. This always strikes a chord with me and is something I am continually working to improve.

Anything else you would like to add?

Something that I think about when raising my kids is that with all that is going on in the world, I feel that our kids are resilient and will make it through the other side just fine, as long as they are loved and feel safe. This is true no matter where and how they attend school this year, and no matter how little or how much they are allowed to do with Covid restrictions. I always tell myself this when I get worried about their happiness.

Also, it is so important to teach our children to respect others and their opinions, even if they are not the same as theirs, and to support each other. I think Palm Beach Mom Collective is such a positive and supportive group and local resource, and am so glad to be a part of it.