No schedule? No problem!


So ladies..stop and ask yourself for a moment, “Am I an overly schedule-obsessed mom or is your weekly schedule a more ‘I go with the flow’ approach?” I have a little good news for you..there is no right or wrong.  It is whatever works best for YOUR family.

If you are anything like me, you have maybe one or two commitments a week for your toddler, and everything else you sort of figure out along the way…aka “winging it.”  This is not a bad thing.  This does not make you a bad mommy.  This is perfectly acceptable.  I am 100% confident my child will live if he misses that one afternoon nap because we have a birthday party, or if he stays up a little later when we are away to enjoy some extra laughs while enjoying the “dive-in” movie at the pool.  Which I also must add doesn’t start until…hold your breath…8:00 PM ..(gasp!!!!!!!) 

Why did we get so scheduled in the 1st place? 

I know my son wakes up and goes to bed at a certain time typically, but we are not so fixated on that…we make ourselves nuts over it.  It truly gives you peace of mind to be a little more flexible in your day.  Having the wiggle room to allow for changes and other last minute events and/or invitations is such a pleasure.  Moms..just because three of your closest mommy friends put their baby to bed right after lunch…doesn’t mean that works for you and yours.  It is OK to make a schedule that works around YOUR family’s needs and wants.  I have an amazing friend who works and commutes.  She get home later from work and puts her baby to bed around 8:30pm or 9pm during the week.  My initial thoughts were, probably like you, “How can she put the baby to bed so late?”  Then I realized that works for HER!  Who are we to set our schedules on other moms? 

How do I get there?

This of course is easier said than done…you have to first believe that being flexible will be a little unnerving for some of you at first, but you will eventually learn it can and WILL be a step towards feeling more positive and happy in your household…less restrictions etc.  There is a great scene in Bad Moms where the mom had enough and comically tells the other PTA moms that she would NOT be attending the PTA meeting.  Go with the flow a little more…and step out of your comfort zone…say yes OR say no…to things you typically would not agree to, and see how it goes.  You might be happily surprised to see the new outcomes…may not be so bad after all.

Who is the schedule for really?  Your kids or you?

With that being said, take a look and see if the schedule is getting so out of control that you realize you spend your days yelling at the kids to get in the car, hurry up and get your shoes on, etc.  Removing maybe at least one activity could be a game-changer for you and give you some down time back to enjoy that cup of coffee while the kids play at home (does this even happen anymore?).  I love a good play date just as much as the next mom, but I also know it’s important for kids to learn to play alone and without the need to be constantly “entertained” as well.  Sometimes..mommy just has to empty the dishwasher while you find something to do.  Such is life.

If you take anything from my post, please make sure you are not taking yourself to seriously in the mom department every day.  Smile and let your guard down sometimes. 

One final thought before I go..

I have to go put my little one down for his unscheduled morning nap…this daycalls for a little more rest for my little one than usual.


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Aimee Romano is currently a stay at home mommy in beautiful west Boynton Beach, FL where she and her loving husband Jake are busy raising their adorable and spunky toddler son, Aiden Penn. She is a proud native of NJ, visiting every so often to spend time with her family and friends. Aimee was a teacher in Palm Beach County, but is currently on a hiatus while being lucky enough to stay at home and raise Aiden. As much as she loved teaching, after Aiden was born she gave up 150 “kids”, for 1. He is worth the trade! Aimee also works on call/freelance as a set tutor/studio teacher for countless talented children in commercials, movies, television shows, and more. She is also very passionate about helping others and giving back to her community. When she has some free time, Aimee enjoys traveling, spa days, exercising, bike rides, and shopping! She is thrilled to be a contributor for Palm Beach Moms Blog and at almost 40 years old, she is hoping to be the voice for the older moms of toddlers out there.