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Holiday Traditions: Making Reindeer Food

The holidays are full of traditions for all families. Growing up my parents incorporated old family traditions while still trying to create new ones...

Planet Play – Kennedy Space Center’s New Interactive Experience

Kennedy Space Center is packed with educational aspects, excitement, and exhibits. As much as I could spend the entire day there, my younger children...

Nourishing Food for Thought – A Local Farm Promoting Healthy Living

One day while making a bowl of cereal, my middle son asked how milk comes from the cows. I tried to explain the process...

Go, See, Explore – MacArthur Beach State Park

I'll admit it... we've been in a quarantine funk. Even as establishments begin to open, we're still weary to visit them. At the same...

How to Make a DIY Seashell Wind Chime with Your Kids

One of our favorite activities is making gifts for family members. Whether it’s for a holiday or just to remind our relatives that we...

Palm Beach County – Holiday Fun Guide

December is here, and so is the holiday season! From running a 5k to running to the mall to go Christmas shopping, there is...

Get in the Car and Take the Trip!

Hands up if you’re a Disney person! Keep that hand raised if you would call your family a “Disney Family.” You... You with your...

Family Vacation Planning from a Perfectionist’s Point of View

Who doesn’t love a great family vacation?  Traveling to a new (or familiar) place with visions of having the best time ever and getting...

How We Spent Marine Life Day 2018

Florida has almost 1,200 miles of coastline and is home to several unique ocean ecosystems. Our family regularly visits the beach and fish along...

Sunday Sauce

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer as much as we did. We got a lot of relaxing and family time in to make up...
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