How to Make a DIY Seashell Wind Chime with Your Kids


One of our favorite activities is making gifts for family members. Whether it’s for a holiday or just to remind our relatives that we love them, once our imagination runs wild, there’s no stopping my children. As we continue to self quarantine, we decided to create homemade wind chimes to surprise grandma and to have in our own backyard. This seashell inspired craft got us excited for the beaches to re-open and is an easy gift idea!

I especially love crafting because it gives me a chance to sit and watch my children’s creativity flourish. I must admit, I am a perfectionist and have to hold back sometimes while their ideas come to life. Their finished product always makes my heart melt and I’m glad I didn’t intervene. Our DIY wind chime was not only fun to make, but a great way to entertain kids of all ages during the Summer!  



Step 1 Cut five (5) pieces of twine. Ours were about 24″ long each. If you prefer a more sleek look, use the clear Bead & Jewelry Cord. We ended up sticking to the more rustic feel. 

Step 3– Tie a knot at the bottom of each rope to ensure shells don’t fall. I loved how my oldest son was eager to help his little brothers do this. 

Step 4- Begin adding your seashells. A knot will need to be made after each shell. This sounds tedious but it was very easy and quick to do. One of the boys got the idea to tie small pieces of wood in a pattern to the shells, which really brought it together!

Step 5- Tie the twine around the edges of the seashell. To ensure the rope stays on, you can also drill a hole into the starfish edges and thread each string through. 

Step 6- After seashells were added to all five (5) sides of the starfish, thread a new piece of twine around the center of the starfish. The shells hanging from each side will help keep it level. Again, as an impromptu idea, my youngest took a large piece of driftwood and used that as the hanger. I loved that idea so much! 

Grandma was elated with her present and daily reminder of her grand-babies. I suggest seeing what other objects around the house can be added for extra flare.

Happy crafting!