A trip around some of Ireland in a coffee break!


I cannot believe that March is here already! With my family tree roots of the Reilly’s and Shea’s, I inherently adore St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland! 

Let me take you on a quick trip through some amazing places I’ve visited in Ireland and some recipes perfect for March! 

Every March 17th in my house means a big Irish dinner with some Irish Music! 

Visiting Ireland was the last big trip I went on before having my kids! I recommend for everyone to go see the beauty of Ireland first hand.

I hope to get you in the mood and geared up for St. Patrick’s day by sharing some of my pics from Ireland and some fun and festive ideas to do this month In celebration! 

So mommas, grab your Irish coffee this morning, and get out your green!! ☘️ Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!☘️ 

Watch the movie “Leap Year.” 

Who doesn’t love a RomCom with a touch of Ireland?! You can google a list of the top Movies to watch for St. Patrick’s day, (I now will have to watch a movie I found on the list called “Brooklyn”), but I just love the movie “Leap Year!” I didn’t find this movie on that list, it’s just one of my favorites. Although the movie may not have the best reviews and I don’t know how much of the film is actually real footage from Ireland, I mean it’s not an Irish documentary or something, It’s just something fun, Irishy, romantic and green! It features Amy Adams! 

Kiss the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle, Ireland, County Cork.

It’s said to give you The “Gift of Gab” or more “Eloquence.”   I visited the Blarney stone, and never imagined the stone to be a slate of some sort of limestone, that’s situated in the side wall on the top of the castle! I imagined just waking up to a round rock for some reason! It was a fun and amazing experience, but I was surprised by the many steps and narrow stairways we had to ascend to get to the stone. And the fact that, to kiss the stone, one must lie on their back, while holding onto rails and kiss the stone upside down to reach it! (There are safety bars in place and a guide to help hold you!) a lot of the beauty is in touring the castle and grounds there. You can try kissing this stone on your screen for now, but you should visit it some day! 

Imagine you are drifting down the Shannon river in Ireland, and inhale the salty sea air and enjoy the breathtaking view. 

Wear your Claddagh ring or purchase one to give to someone you love.

It stands for Friendship (the hands), Love (the heart), and Loyalty (the crown). I was excited to stop in the fishing village area that these rings are said to have originated from in County Galway. My husband and I got matching claddagh rings in which the heart is made of a green marble from Connemara, Ireland. You can read up online about the significance of how you can wear the ring, (the direction the hearts faces) and various stories and history that is heartwarming. 

Enjoying a pint of Guinness at a local pub.

It isn’t easy for me to get out and do anymore, so if you are like me in that, you can always just spice up your cooking with some Guinness! Here’s a great recipe from NY Times cooking: NYT Cooking: Chocolate Guinness Cake.

Here’s how my Chocolate Guinness cake turned out… (pictured below.) *Best served chilled and with raspberries and or strawberries!! 

I also like to add some Guinness to my corned beef as it cooks in the pressure cooker! 

Get out your Waterford Crystal wine glasses and candle stick holders!

I will always remember my tour through the Waterford Crystal factory in Ireland.

Visit Paddy Macs in Palm Beach Gardens for some authentic Irish food and personality. 


Make these adorable treats with the kiddies:


Hope you enjoyed this quick tour through some features of the Emerald Isle! 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

☘️ Slainte! ☘️


Originally published on March 15, 2019