Do you have Comcast’s Xfinity Internet? Check out all of the amazing features that are included with xFi Advantage Service!


Working from home, having four television sets with multiple Amazon Fire TV Sticks, two iPhones, a family computer and two iPads, the Palumbo household needs internet service that can keep up!  That’s why we have been Comcast Xfinity internet customers for years. Launched in 2017, Comcast’s Xfinity xFi platform set the standard for the in-home WiFi experience. Now Xfinity xFi Advantage is raising the bar with enhanced value and performance and security features.  I am blown away by all of the capabilities and can’t wait to share what I have learned from Comcast!

 Xfinity xFi Advantage from Comcast

We all know that wireless internet service, or WiFi, is essential and critical for moms and families today. We are all using our in-home WiFi networks for so many different things, including work (work from home mom here!), entertainment (streaming live television, kids shows, YouTube videos, downloading and playing games and apps, etc.), keeping in touch with family and friends through email and on social media platforms (tons of us living in South Florida aren’t originally from here!), managing smart home devices like smart thermostats or smart locks, and so much more.

Comcast’s Xfinity xFi Advantage gives moms and families help managing their digital homes and in-home WiFi networks by providing us with additional performance, security and value.

Easy WiFi management and personalization features:

  • Create your own WiFi name and password
  • See all devices on your home network
  • Easily manage user and device profiles
  • Get alerts if new devices access your network

WiFi control on the go:

Take control of your home network with these features and more. Simply set rules with the easy-to-use xFi app.

  • Pause WiFi access during dinner (or we pause it when we think the boys have had enough screen time for the day!)
  • Schedule a bedtime routine
  • See what devices are online and set time limits
  • Parental control search settings to help filter objectionable content (with all the scary stuff out there, this is super important!)

These personalization and control options are made possible by Comcast’s most intelligent and secure gateway, the Xfinity xFi Advanced Gateway. Other advanced features include:

  • Unlimited Data for the unlimited ways you use your WiFi
  • Ongoing home WiFi assessments to help optimize your network’s performance throughout your home- which may include a recommendation to purchase and install xFi Pods, which work seamlessly with the xFi Gateway to create a mesh WiFi network. They can help eliminate dead spots so you enjoy consistent WiFi coverage throughout the house.
  • xFi Advantage is available to Palm Beach Xfinity internet customers who subscribe to a service with speeds of 250 Mbps or above for $15 a month. Customers with a lower-speed internet service can add xFi Advantage for $55 a month.  

xFi Advanced Security. It’s like a complete security system for all of your connected devices to protect from malicious websites and hackers.

Powered by artificial intelligence, xFi Advanced Security monitors your network and every device connected to it, including mobile phones, laptops, “smart” home devices like thermostats and door locks, home security cameras and devices, voice assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home and more. If it detects anything suspicious, you will get an immediate alert through the xFi app to let you know a potentially harmful issue was resolved or avoided.

Once added, xFi Advanced Security looks for any suspicious activity on your network, and will help to:

  • Keep you safe from malware and phishing threats on sites you visit
  • Prevent remote access to your devices from unknown sources
  • Report and block suspicious device activity
  • This service is just $5.99 a month with no extra hardware or software required

Click here for more information on Comcast’s Xfinity xFi Advantage service. Learn more about how Comcast is serving Florida residents by visiting their website. You can also find Comcast on Facebook and Twitter.

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