Introducing this Mom to Botox with Rejuvenation Med Spa


So some of my friends had started using Botox but I thought of all the things on my to-do list, getting botox was down at the bottom.  Until I met Andrea at Rejuvenation Med Spa! 

I don’t know if it’s the stress of 2020 or the fact that I have officially entered into my late-thirties but I have started to notice the wrinkles on my face so much more.  Many of my friends of tried botox and swear by it.  I have always been too afraid! I was intrigued when Andrea, a fellow Palm Beach County mom and owner of Rejuvenation Med Spa contacted me to introduce me to her new med spa that she opened in Boynton Beach.  I went into her beautiful office to learn about what they do and the many services they offer (facials, spray tans, hair removal, vitamin injections and so much more!).  

Andrea immediately put my anxiety at ease.  She explained exactly what she would do.  We started out with my crow’s feet.  She numbed the area and made a few injections.  It took seconds.  
One thing I didn’t know was that you need to wait, sometimes up to two weeks for it to fully kick in and see the results.  I noticed mine working in a couple of days! The best compliment was when I was sitting at dinner with my husband and he said, “Wow, you really look amazing!”  Another friend who didn’t know I had done anything said to me, “You look so refreshed!”  OK, I was hooked!
I returned a couple of weeks ago, this time to do my 11’s, those deep lines between your eyebrows and my forehead.  One thing I appreciate about Andrea was that she is conservative, she knew I was nervous so she kept the amount of botox used to a minimum to achieve great results without going overboard.
This year has been insane and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.  As moms, we tend to put our kids first and ourselves last.  Take some time to do something to make you feel better!  Rejuventation Med Spa wants to help you do that!



Thank you to Rejuvenation Med Spa for partnering with Palm Beach Mom Collective and introducing us to the many services that you provide!
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Meg Palumbo
Meg is the proud founder of Palm Beach Mom Collective. Meg is bringing her past career experience in event planning, corporate sponsorships, public relations and advertising to the helm of PBMC! She’s been married to her best friend and husband, Chris, for over 11 years and enjoys spending time with their sons, Jameson (born October 2011) and Patrick (born August 2014) and daughter, Amelia (born January 2018). When not devoting her time to Palm Beach Mom Collective and her family, she enjoys running, going to the beach and enjoying great meals with a fabulous glass of wine!