The Happy Princess Club


The Happy Princess Club

Does your little one love princesses? Bring the magic to your home, birthday party, or event, with the Happy Princess Club! The Happy Princess Club is a new company in the Palm Beach area offering character experiences with princesses who are specially trained in different areas, including professional singers, princesses who are certified to teach yoga, and even princesses who can teach your child how to write his or her name in Mandarin. The monthly club membership offers exclusive benefits, including virtual experiences, a princess pen pal letter writing program, and discounts on shows and events.


The Happy Princess Club Membership

Monthly membership is $25, and includes: (1) virtual experiences all-access pass; (2) pen pal program; (3) 10% off one-on-one virtual experiences; and (4) 10% off all in person shows.

“[Y]our little ones will believe in magic when they attend our live interactive virtual shows. Each show will last 45 minutes and will include music, games, Q&A and end with an off-screen challenge or activity. Each character has one show a month and will concentrate on a fun, educational topic. For example our Mermaid Princess will be concentrating on marine life, our Island Princess will do yoga for kids, our Ice Princess will offer singing lessons, our Lily Pad Princess will get them moving with dance fitness, Pocahontas will teach us about the Earth and so, so much more!

Members will also be part of the Princess Pen Pal Program where your little ones can to write to their favorite princesses and receive responses within 7-10 business days.

Finally, you will get a discount off all one-on-one virtual shows and in-person shows. Click here to view our available packages.”