My Wellness Journey to Forty, with Alison by my side


This July, I turned 40!  At the beginning of 2023 I knew I wanted to take charge of my body and make it as healthy as possible as I enter into this new decade.

Introducing Alison!  Alison Gatto started tagging our account on the social media posts that she was sharing and I loved everything she was putting out there!  Alison is a Wellness Concierge who helps women 40+ create a simple plan to feel strong, fit & energized so they can live healthy confident lives.  This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.

Here are some of my favorite things I have learned from Alison on this wellness journey!

  1. Fitness.  I have been an avid runner since high school.  I even ran a marathon at the start of 2022.  However, during this hardcore cardio training I actually gained weight.  I am now on a schedule that incorporates HIIT workouts and strength training on my heavy workout days.  On the other days, I do something I truly enjoy like a run outside, a barre class or a hot yoga class.
  2. Set Realistic Goals. I know that I probably won’t fit into some of my shorts that I still have in bags in the back of my closet and I have learned that that is ok. I am setting realistic goals and trying to not step on the scale! Alison and I also set daily and weekly goals, am I getting over 10,000 steps in?  Am I drinking enough water?
  3. Nutrition. I understand that nutrition plays a crucial role in getting in shape. Alison starts you out with an easy meal plan for the first few weeks. This allowed me to not overthink and stress about what I was going to eat.  The recipes were easy and my family even loves what I am cooking. At first, we reduced dairy and gluten – with Alison’s support this was so much easier than when I have tried to do it on my own. I am drinking a ton of water and trying to limit my alcohol intake.  I love my red wine and spicy margaritas but I am trying to limit those to special occasions.
  4. Incorporate Strength Training. As people age, they lose muscle mass, which can make it harder to maintain a healthy weight and stay active. I am making it a priority to incorporate strength training into my fitness routine to help build muscle mass and boost my metabolism.
  5. Establish a morning routine.  I have started getting up earlier and earlier.  At first this was extremely painful but now my body is used to getting up at 5:30am.  Truth – I am not a night person, after a full day of mothering and working my brain is mush. I tend to go to sleep by 9pm these days.  As part of this morning routine, I start the day with water with lemon before I reach for my coffee.  I then walk the dog and enjoy the silence.  I also try to mediate when possible.  This is a tough one for me… my brain is a serious game of ping pong from the moment I open my eyes.  Alison introduced me to the Insight Timer app.  It is a free app with guided mediations and this helps me so much!
  6. Seek Support. Getting in shape can be challenging, I was lucky that I had a couple of friends that also wanted to join me on this journey! Having someone to hold you accountable and provide motivation makes a such a difference!  I love my weekly check-in calls with Alison.
  7. Celebrate Progress. Lastly, Alison encourages me to celebrate my progress, no matter how small. She always asks me my wins for the week.  It’s the little changes that add up to big changes!

Here is a link to her 5 Day Back to You Reset!

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