The Baby Nurse Specialist


The Baby Nurse Specialist is a full-service newborn care company. Their team consists of accomplished women whose resumes boast a combined 40+ years of professional experience. They believe that every newborn deserves to have a solid foundation built on love, structure, and specialized care. They provide their clients with an experienced newborn care specialist to assist with infants’ day-to-day needs.

Newborn, The Baby Nurse Specialist, Palm Beach Mom Collective

The Baby Nurse Specialist offers:

  • 24-hour care,
  • Overnight care,
  • Newborn Care Consultation,
  • Concierge, and
  • Mommy to Be Classes.

Newborn care specialists travel nationally to work with families. They are also available to travel internationally with their clients.

Newborn, The Baby Nurse Specialist, Palm Beach Mom CollectiveThe process of working with The Baby Nurse Specialist begins by submitting a Newborn Care Application. Their five-step process includes a consultation to learn about the unique needs of your family, a search for ideal candidates matching your criteria, interviewing baby nurse specialists, hiring your newborn care nurse, and continuous support throughout the process.

Angela South, Founder and Expert Newborn Care Specialist, is known to her clients as “the Baby Whisperer.” She is a dedicated, professional newborn care specialist with over 30 years of experience with singleton and multiple baby care.

Emotional and practical support is vital to mothers and families caring for newborns, and the experts at The Baby Nurse Specialist help the transition during pregnancy and when bringing your babies home. Contact The Baby Nurse Specialist to discuss your family’s individual needs today.

Thank you to The Baby Nurse Specialist for providing insight into the services available for expert newborn care!