Money Saving Tips for a Disney Trip


Disney World is said to be the most magical place on earth. While I whole-heartling agree, this can also cost an arm and a leg! The ticket itself has gone up in price and staying on site has pros and now some cons. It’s really smart to try to plan as much before hand as you can.

From ways to save money and tips to keep your sanity, it never hurts to ask the pros what they’d recommend.  With three little pirates to take with us to our happy place, any chance to save money allows us to be able to upgrade the room or have money for an experience while at the park.

I have found some ways to cut some costs and still make the trip enjoyable!

  • Buy bubble wands and glow in the dark sticks- I always stock up on bubbles and glow sticks that can easily fit in our bags. It keeps the kids busy and are a lot cheaper than the bubble machines they sell at the park. The glow sticks also serve as a safety precaution if you choose to stay late into the night at the parks. Place it around the stroller for quick identification in the chaos!
  • Make your own shirts/bags/water bottles- decals are reasonably priced on Etsy. Even Amazon has some decals you can buy. I’ve even bought some iron on paper and made our own shirts myself! Many Etsy shops offer personalized shirts that can be worn over and over again and make for great pictures! A cup with a name and a Mickey head makes for a far better cup!
  • Pack the cooler!- Our boys still like to sit in the stroller as much as they can, so since we have to bring the stroller in, we pack a big cooler underneath  fill it up with water, soda cans, yogurts, any snacks your kids will crave. We even stop at the local Publix and take yummy subs for lunch! If you’ve seen how much they charge for food, you’ll see why this is a great way to save money!
  • Take the kids already dressed up! Costco and even the Disney store will have a lot of clothes on sale and it’s much cheaper than buying them while at the park! 

There are many other ways that you can save money in trips! Would love to hear some of the ways you’ve been able to further your money while visiting Disney World!