Reflecting a year later on a wonderful birth experience at Wellington Regional Medical Center


I have to say that three of the best days of my life have been my children’s birth days.  The day that I actually came face to face with the alien creature that had been growing in my belly for months.  There really isn’t a better sound in the world than your child’s first cry.  

This past weekend we celebrated the first birthday of my last baby.  It hit me hard, hard because I know she is our last baby and as she celebrates each milestone, my heart is filled with joy but there is a little piece that aches knowing a chapter of my life is done.  As a looked at my Timehop, I cried tears of joy remembering the first meeting, the first cuddles, her first bath, and the moments that her older brothers met her for the first time.  

I also had such joy because I reflected on my amazing experience delivering her at Wellington Regional Medical Center.  I really could not have chosen a better place to bring my daughter into this world.  

While pregnant with our daughter, my husband and I decided to check out Wellington Regional because of all of the great things we had heard from our friends.  We booked a tour and were blown away!  We felt welcomed from the moment we stepped into Labor & Delivery.  We walked through what the experience would be like and were told about all the wonderful classes that the hospital offered for expecting mothers (I attended the pre-natal class the next week!)

As I was getting closer to my due date, I scheduled my c-section but my daughter is taking after her mother and was ready to come early to the party!   

I went into Labor and Delivery on a Saturday morning, was put on monitors and was having steady contractions.  My ob visited checked on me and said, this baby is ready today!  They admitted me to labor and delivery and I was scheduled for a c-section later in the evening.  Again, she had other plans. I was admitted, my water broke and the c-section came shortly after.  Every step of the way, the nurses comforted my nerves, they seemed as excited to meet my baby as my husband and I were.  Knowing that the hospital has an amazing NICU if that need arose, made me feel so much better.

After recovering in Labor and Delivery after my c-section, I was moved to my room in the Mommy-Baby wing.  I was  brought into a hospital room that resembled more of a hotel suite than any hospital room.  The hospital is a family centric hospital and the rooms allow for adequate space for everyone!  The layout of the hospital room made a perfect home away from home for my family of 5!  


As we settled in and got to know our daughter, the nurses were there with a smile and treated us so warmly.  After breastfeeding my middle son for over a year, I thought I know how to do this breastfeeding thing.  Again, my daughter had other plans.  She wasn’t such a natural at breastfeeding but the lactation consultants that work at Wellington Regional are right there to help you, you can even call them if you are having trouble when you are back in your own home.

When we were ready to be discharged, it was really hard to leave.  The wonderful staff and the beautiful accommodations really made our third child’s first couple of days some of the best of our lives.

My chapter of having babies has closed but I am so glad Wellington Regional was part of my daughter’s birth story.






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