Tuesday Takeover: Meet Rachel Fiorello


Where do you live in Palm Beach County? 

Palm Beach Gardens

How long have you lived here?

Almost 8 years.

What do you love about living in Palm Beach County?

I love its beauty – everywhere you look, there is something beautiful to see.  I also love how much Palm Beach County residents love their local communities.

How many children do you have? 


What are their ages?

London (7) & Arden (4, almost 5)

What is your job description?

I am a certified baby and toddler Senior Sleep Consultant and also run the operations over at The Cradle Coach, a local sleep consulting company (www.thecradlecoach.com).

What is your favorite activity to do in Palm Beach with your family?

I love being outside with my family and finding something to do!  My favorite weekend activity used to be going to the local green markets – hoping they come back soon!

Best piece of parenting advice you have received:

This is a tough question as I feel I am constantly learning and picking up pieces of advice! I would say the current piece of advice I’ve received and am working on is letting my children do things on their own.  I am so quick to jump in to help or to take the task myself to make things go a bit faster.  However, I find that when I sit back and let my children do a “hard task” on their own, they get such joy in their accomplishments!