Tuesday Takeover: Meet Lisa McDulin


Where do you live in Palm Beach County?

I live in Palm Beach Gardens.

How long have you lived here?

I moved here from Columbus, Ohio in 1989- (wow, I’m getting old!)

What do you love about living in Palm Beach County?

We truly live in paradise! I grew up coming to Palm Beach Gardens from Ohio every winter as my Dad was a golf pro and we had a home here. I have so many great memories of coming here and when I realized how much I disliked the cold midwestern winters, I made the move to Palm Beach Gardens. Of course I love the weather and all that comes with living in the sunshine state!

How many children do you have?

We have three daughters.

What are their ages?

27, 25, and 22

What is your job description?

The work I do now is more of a calling than a job, but I know I spent the first part of my working career preparing for it. I currently raise awareness and financial support for abused, neglected and abandoned children in the foster system, as well as youth who are aging out, homeless teens, single moms, and human trafficking survivors. I work for an amazing organization called Place of Hope that has been caring for our community’s most vulnerable children and youth for 20 years as a Director of Advancement and Development for Central/Southern Palm Beach County. The best part of my job is building relationships with amazing people in the community who believe in our mission and the work we do. There truly are so many incredibly caring and generous people in Palm Beach County who partner with us  to meet the needs of these kids in our care. I absolutely love the work I get to do every day!

What is your favorite activity to do in Palm Beach with your family?

At this point with all adult children- we love to go out to eat at any number of amazing restaurants this area offers. There is nothing like sitting around a dinner table together enjoying great food, especially when it’s outside and by the water.

Best piece of parenting advice you have received:

I have to say that the best advice I ever got was from my Dad when he told me that my most important job was to teach my kids about Jesus. Faith has been such an important foundation to give our kids and I am forever thankful that my parents instilled that direction over anything else.