Tuesday Takeover: Meet Brittany Galsterer


Where do you live in Palm Beach County?  

Boca Raton

How long have you lived here? 

Florida – 14 years, originally from Montgomery County, Maryland

What do you love about living in Palm Beach County? 

Having lived in Broward, Palm Beach, & Miami-Dade counties, Palm Beach County is hands down my favorite. Being from a super small town in Maryland, I love the sense of community and family atmosphere in Boca. In the same respect, it’s nice to know we can go out for a night on the town and feel like we’re in a big city. Best of both worlds!

How many children do you have? 

Three Boys!  

What are their ages? 

4.5, 3, & 10 months – our chaos is mostly not controlled! 

What is your job description? 

I am the Vice President of Pre-Settlement Outside Sales with Oasis Financial.  Oasis provides non-recourse loans to people who are injured and waiting on their insurance settlement.  My sales team works with personal injury attorneys nationwide to offer their clients an opportunity to keep them afloat throughout the course of their case.  I just celebrated my 10 year anniversary on Jan. 17th!  

What is your favorite activity to do in Palm Beach with your family?  

Hands-down, Boca Beach Club is where we live every Saturday and Sunday.  It’s not ground breaking, but it works for us and gets us to naptime!  We’ve been Boca Resort Club members for 1.5 years and love every aspect of membership thus far.  Being from Maryland and my husband from Michigan, we love the fact that our boys get to grow up at the beach.