Meet Nancy Marinoff, Owner of What’s Cooking Kids?


Where do you live in Palm Beach County?

Palm Beach Gardens

How long have you lived here?

16 years after relocating from Northern Virginia

What do you love about living in Palm Beach County?

The active lifestyle it offers year round.

How many children do you have?

One daughter, Grace.

Do two Labrador retrievers count as children? They act like it! 

What are their ages?

Grace is 15 years old; a sophomore in high school.

What is your job description?

I am a small business owner with my daughter as my business partner. I teach hands-on, creative cooking classes to junior chefs of all ages. What’s Cooking Kids? embraces my entrepreneurial spirit, and my love for teaching kids lifestyle skills



What is your favorite activity to do in Palm Beach with your family?

My favorite activity to do in Palm Beach is to ride beach cruisers on the Lake Trail followed by take-out lunch from Buccan Sandwich Shop…and then I sneak into Lilly for a quick peek!

Best piece of parenting advice you have received:

It’s hard for me to pick between my mom’s parenting advice of carrying on family traditions and creating new ones, 

and my dad’s advice of simply being present. 

To me, they’re of equal importance.