Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Taking our Family to SeaWorld


Last month, we took the kids out of school to go up to Orlando so they could get a mental health break day!  We wanted to take them to one of their favorite parks, SeaWorld.  However, they are not the only ones who love Sea World, below I explain why I love taking the whole family to this great park.

1. Educational

My kids absolutely love the ocean.  They love learning all things about the ocean and SeaWorld makes learning fun.  It’s not just a day at an amusement park, SeaWorld is a totally immersive experience.   

You don’t just see the sea life but actually get to interact with it.

2. Roller Coasters 

My oldest loves roller coasters!  I love the fact that he is actually tall enough to go on them with me.  SeaWorld has such amazing roller coasters and the lines fly!

3. The Shows

When we were planning our day at SeaWorld we made sure to base everything around the shows. We didn’t want to miss any of them!  We ran into the park to make sure we had a great spot to see the dolphin show.  And can a SeaWorld trip really be complete without the Orca show?  Of course, we had to sit in the “splash zone” and the Orcas did not disappoint.  

4. Sesame Street Land

We were so excited to bring our 3-year-old to Sesame Street Land and of course she loved it but so did our older boys!  There were so many rides and characters, we all had a blast.

5. Less Crowds

I love the magic the “big D” provides but it loses it’s sparkle when we have to wait for so long to get on short rides.  SeaWorld has such a less crowded feel and the waits for rides are minimal.  

Thank you SeaWorld for a wonderful family day!  We will be back soon!

Thank you to SeaWorld for hosting my family for the day to experience Sea World!