Space Exploration Day!


On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to step foot on the surface of the Moon. In 1984, the day was proclaimed a holiday by President Ronald Reagan. Each year, Americans celebrate the monumental event also called, “Moon Day”. These courageous astronauts launched into space on the massive Saturn V Rocket; weighing over 6.2 million pounds and as tall as a 36 story tall building. Fifty One years later, we continue to acknowledge this special date, Space Exploration Day! 

As our nation strives to put boots on the moon again in 2024, space exploration has become more and more exciting! From monthly SpaceX launches at Kennedy Space Center to the upcoming expedition of the ULA Mars Rover, Perseverance, we’re pushing boundaries to make history, just as NASA did over fifty years ago. 

Some special ways you can celebrate today’s holidays are: 

  • Visit Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. Only a car ride away, adults and kids of all ages will enjoy the interactive displays, shuttle launch experience, and the Apollo / Saturn V Center. The view of the Saturn V raised above is awe-inspiring and truly out of this world! 
  • Learn more about how rockets explode and talk about space with your little ones. We recommend our very own DIY rocket. It’s tons of fun and educational as parents discuss other rockets that have launched into space. 
  • Watch “Apollo 11” on Netflix. Utilizing real footage and audio recordings, combined with reenactments of the lives of the astronauts, Apollo 11 will make anyone feel as if they were in the launch control room themselves. A highly recommended documentary for all ages, even my six year old loved it! 
  • Have a launch viewing party. SpaceX is breaking barriers by sending satellites into space at least weekly. Check out our Launch with Us section for the next launch. As long as the sky is not too cloudy, these rockets can be seen from Cape Canaveral to South Florida.