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Tag: holiday traditions

Holiday Traditions: Making Reindeer Food

The holidays are full of traditions for all families. Growing up my parents incorporated old family traditions while still trying to create new ones...

Celebrating Groundhog Day

We LOVE to celebrate Groundhog Day. A tradition that began on the kids fathers' side of the family, Punxsutawney Phil quickly became a celebrity...

Palm Beach County – Holiday Fun Guide

December is here, and so is the holiday season! From running a 5k to running to the mall to go Christmas shopping, there is...

Rocking two traditions during the holidays

When people get married, they are supposed to combine family traditions in a way that works for the new family that is created. For...

Christmas Traditions

To continue my post about holiday traditions, I am going to tell you all about our families Christmas traditions. Christmas is my absolute favorite...

Independence Day with Littles

When I think back on Independence Day I always smile because I was proposed to on July 3, 2014 and we celebrated with my...
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