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Clean Eating Kids: Summertime Snack Ideas

Summer. For many of us, the word conjures up fond childhood memories of hanging at the pool, running through sprinklers and magical family vacations....

Five Easy Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More Veggies!

We've all heard it countless times from our own moms, the media, the government and our doctors: EAT MORE VEGETABLES. Most of us know...

Sakara Discount Code and Review: 20% off Your Order

Sakara is an amazing plant-based meal delivery service that promotes more than just healthy eating. Sakara nourishes your body, so you can do the...

Nourishing Food for Thought – A Local Farm Promoting Healthy Living

One day while making a bowl of cereal, my middle son asked how milk comes from the cows. I tried to explain the process...

#BaptistHealthy: Healthy Snack Ideas

We are so excited to be partnering with Baptist Health South Florida to bring you some healthy snack options for your kids' lunches or...

Do As I Say, Not As I Do?

We all know that children model their parents' actions.  Kids follow their guardians' lead and example by closely watching, then emulating what they've seen. ...

What’s Cooking Kids

Once, at a golf tournament my husband was playing in, I had the opportunity to take a one-day cooking class. We prepped ingredients, learned...

Five Ways to Get More Protein

Say the word "protein" and images of bodybuilders and huge canisters of powdery substances come up in many people's minds. Although I passed health...
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