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Fall is my Favorite – Homemade Apple Butter

Fall is my favorite. Some people love Christmas. Thanksgiving has many adoring fans, rightly so.  But leave me Halloween – and all that the...

Enjoying the Last Few Lazy Days of Summer

If you're anything like me you get giddy with the changing seasons. Even here in Florida, when our temperatures only vary from boiling hot...

Fall Gratitude Activities

We all remember the saying “giving is better than receiving,” but this is difficult for our children to really comprehend when they see all...

Halloween DIY: How to Win at Costume Procrastination

I am guilty of being a Halloween costume DIYer - and every year I try to DIY my boys' costumes I do it with...

It’s the Most Busiest Time of the Year!

    I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting when my son started school. A lot of me felt that I would have a lot...
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