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“Witch’s Stew”

Fall is here and the anticipation of Halloween has begun. I have a confession... I really don't like Halloween. It's just not my favorite holiday. I...

Stuffed Bread

The holidays are here and I am focusing on gifts, decorations, holidays dishes and desserts. Even with all of that craziness I am still...

Lasagna Rolls

Ready or not, the holiday season has arrived. Let the cooking begin. Growing up, lasagna was THE holiday meal. We expected it and looked forward...

5 Easy Meals for the Busy Momma!

When I'm not eating, I am thinking about eating. Yes, true story. There isn't a single thing I love more than a good meal....

Sunday Sauce

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer as much as we did. We got a lot of relaxing and family time in to make up...
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