Wiwiurka Toys Review + Discount Code


Wiwiurka is a family-owned company based in Mexico that creates handcrafted, artisan wooden climbing toys! Inspired by the early childhood philosophies of Waldorf, Pikler, and Montessori, the toys are beautifully handmade, and built to last. Joy, aesthetics, and connection are three core values at Wiwiurka that encapsulate their products.

I recently ordered the Double Rocker Balance Board, and my two kids, ages four and seven, both loved it from the moment it arrived! It arrived in a small, thoughtfully packaged box, and I was able to put it together quickly and easily, after watching a short video on their website.

From the moment the rocker was assembled, the kids started to play with it, and they haven’t stopped since! For 10% off your order from Wiwiurka, use my discount code: CHRISTEN10.