St. Mary’s Medical Center Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)


St. Mary's Medical Center NICU

As moms, we try to prepare as much as possible but sometimes there is a need for specialized care when our babies arrive.  This is why St. Mary’s Medical Center is an amazing choice when deciding where to welcome your child into this world.

St. Mary’s Medical Center offers a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the highest and most comprehensive level of neonatal intensive care available. If needed, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is a nursery for babies born early or otherwise requiring special care. There is a dedicated staff of pediatric subspecialists available on-site through the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital to care for babies who need special care.

The NICU is located next to The Birthplace within the hospital, so a mom can recover after delivery, and visit her baby close by as soon as possible. Mothers are encouraged to bond with their newborn through skin-to-skin contact, holding their baby, changing their diaper, and breastfeeding. There is also a dedicated lactation consultant on staff available to help. If mom and baby both need special care, St. Mary’s is also a Perinatal Intensive Care Center.

I delivered one of my children at St. Mary’s Medical Center, and my experience there was excellent. Having planned to deliver at a different hospital, I called ahead while I was in labor, and learned that the labor and delivery unit at that hospital (which has since been expanded), was full at the time.

Instead of going there and possibly not getting a room in the labor and delivery unit, I decided to go to The Birthplace at St. Mary’s Medical Center. I had not registered there in advance, and my husband and I arrived at the hospital like a scene from a movie. When a labor and delivery nurse checked me, I was already eight centimeters dilated. The rest is a whirlwind and an incredibly special memory of my first child coming into the world. The staff at St. Mary’s Medical Center was experienced, knowledgeable, and kind.

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To schedule a tour of the Level III NICU and The Birthplace at St. Mary’s Medical Center, please call (855) 767-4291.

Thank you, St. Mary's Medical Center, for bringing this information to Palm Beach moms!