Delivering During Covid – What to expect at St. Mary’s Medical Center


As much as you prepare for that special day when your baby enters this world, you never can truly know what to expect.  We want Palm Beach Moms prepping for delivery during this time of COVID to know what to expect and hopefully calm your nerves!  

St. Mary’s Medical Center has adopted new practices to ensure that you and your baby are completely safe and give you the best birthing experience possible.


“My goodness, the surgeons, anesthesia team and nurses are fantastic!  I personally would never deliver anywhere else,” Jessica, a Palm Beach Mom and past patient at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

The following are some changes that they have implemented for their admitted patients on the OB unit:  

  • Scheduled cesarean sections or inductions will have PAT (pre-admission testing ) completed.
  • Point of Care testing for admitted patients.

  • Screening for COVID – 19 at all entrances.
  • Allocated OB OR and OB COVID unit for positive patients.
  • Use of PPE by hospital personal and masks for patients 
  • 1 support person during the duration of stay for negative screened/ tested patients.
  • Breastfeeding support  for both negative and suspected patients with COVID 19

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Thank you to St. Mary's Medical Center for partnering with Palm Beach Mom Collective to provide you with this great information!