BIRTHday Doulas of South Florida


BIRTHday Doulas of South Florida

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As a new mom, you want to feel seen, heard, and supported. Tina and her team at BIRTHday Doulas of South Florida have provided outstanding care to pregnant and postpartum mothers in the Palm Beaches for over 17 years. They truly care so much for their client families, and help to teach, nurture, and care for newborns, mothers, and their partners.



What is a Doula?

Doulas are trained and experienced professionals who provide continuous physical and emotional support to the mother before, during, and after birth. Supporting mothers during and after birth is a special tradition, and the word doula comes from a Greek word meaning “women who serve.”

Benefits to Having a Doula

There are many benefits to having a doula, including reduced risk of interventions during labor, less postpartum depression, quicker recovery, increased chance of successful breastfeeding, and new parents feeling more confident with their abilities and instincts.

BIRTHday Doulas of South Florida

They offer many services including:

  • Birth Doula Care;
  • Newborn Care Specialists;
  • Postpartum Care, including Night Nurses and Postpartum Doulas;
  • Lactation Counselors;
  • Private Classes;
  • Massage; Virtual Classes; and more.

The team at BIRTHday Doulas of South Florida will support you every step of the way. If you need doula services in South Florida, they are on your team; they can be part of your village. For more information, email [email protected] or call (561) 309-0053.

My Doula Experience

When I gave birth to my second child, I found myself home alone with a toddler and a newborn. Due to my husband’s travel schedule as a professional golfer, he had to leave to go back on tour days after our son was born. I was induced on a Thursday and arrived home on a Sunday in May that also happened to be Mother’s Day. The next morning, my husband was back on the road, and we were just happy he was able to be home for the birth! Tina and her team came to my aid with their postpartum care services. They provided expert newborn care, and I felt nurtured and supported as a postpartum mom.

What Moms Are Saying

“Tina and her team are absolute ANGELS for any postpartum moms.”

“To say that her team became part of our family would be an understatement. Our daughter was cared for, loved and always in trusted hands.”