What’s Cooking Kids


Once, at a golf tournament my husband was playing in, I had the opportunity to take a one-day cooking class. We prepped ingredients, learned about local foods in the area, and made salads, entrees, and baked pies from scratch. It was a fun day I spent with a group of friends, and we enjoyed preparing (and of course eating), the final product. I was pregnant with my first baby at the time, and I always imagined introducing and sharing healthy foods with my kids after they were born.

Fast forward to today, and my oldest son started preschool this past year. His teacher was and is amazing, and she offered something special to the kids outside of the regular curriculum: cooking class. It was fun to watch my son take pride in the food he prepared, like energy balls with flax and chia seeds;muffins; yogurt, granola, and berry parfaits; and cupcakes decorated festively for the holidays. Even at four years old, he likes mixing things and adding ingredients, and will try many new and healthy foods.

Nancy Marinoff, the owner of What’s Cooking Kids, teaches cooking classes at Publix Greenwise in Legacy Place, in Palm Beach Gardens, along with her 13-year-old daughter and helper, Grace. A typical class, for “junior chefs” ages 3-8, includes songs, crafts, and all of the ingredients and instruction to make delicious treats. This week, the kids took a special behind-the-scenes tour of the market, and made watermelon salad with fresh mint, and other summery items.

When I was pregnant and thought about cooking for my future kids, I had visions of rolling out dough for Christmas cookies, stirring pancake batter, and picking strawberries—all of which has come true. With What’s Cooking Kids, the students are learning hands-on, and have a great opportunity for fun and practicing age-appropriate cooking skills. I know firsthand, taking cooking classes can be a lot of fun, and thanks to Miss Nancy and Grace, I’m glad my kids can have the same experience!

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