Talk Potty to Me: Potty Training Pep Talk


This is not another post about the do’s and dont’s of potty training.  Rest assured, this is a friendly reminder your kid WILL NOT be going to elementary school in diapers.

My post today stems from not only my recent potty training experience with my little one, but also a compilation of comments, concerns, tips, suggestions, and scenarios from some of my closest mom friends as well.  For many of us, this is something that some are dreading, and for others…they can’t wait to get tackling the diaper-free days. 

After hearing the same overall theme from tons of moms of 2 1/2-3 year olds, I decided to start looking a little more into potty training and the in’s and out’s of training.

Let’s not call it Training  😉

Ok? Personally, I believe it puts way too much pressure on us and our kids.  It’s almost as if we are training them and there is a manual which if you follow steps 1-2-3…Poof, your kid is trained like a pro.  So, how exactly do you do it?  Where do you start?  Everyone wants the magic answer to how do we start.  I wish there was an answer, but as we know, all kids are different and we just have to remember what worked for our sister or best friend, may not necessarily be a fit for us. 

There are countless apps, podcasts, books, Facebook groups, books on tape, etc. dedicated on how to potty train your child, right?  Here’s the truth moms….get ready for a true dose of reality.  There is really no right or wrong way to potty train your child.  There is no magic step that will guarantee your child is peeing and pooping.  Here’s another truth…it’s OK. 

Not a race or competition…

No worries about what your best friend did, or how your mother in law swears by this or that.  Maybe your co-worker is giving you her best advice as well.  For me, as a first time mom..I also was given tons of advice.  I graciously listened to the feedback, but of course in the end, did what I felt was best for my child.   I have friends who rave about how their kid was potty trained before they were 2.  I also have friends who have 4 year old children who are still getting the hang of it.  No one is judging you here, and the good news is… even if there is a “judgey” mommy who swears by her method… just let it go.  Your baby.  Your choice.

How did I do it?

I recently just finished potty trained my son.  He has been potty trained now for about 2 months. (yes, the best 2 months of my life).  In all seriousness though, I will not lie to you, for me, it was pretty easy.  I bought the famous book, “Oh Crap Potty Training” by Jamie Glowacki.  I skimmed a few parts in my free time.  Who am I kidding…we don’t really have much free time, so I barely read it.  The intention, of course, was there.  I also asked a few questions on my local mom group.  Polled the audience of one’s with older kids;  aka my sister and friends.  I spent some time picking their brain on what worked for them.

What I found that worked for me was I took a little bit of info from everything that I felt would work for me and my son.  I guess you might say, I sorted through the methods and advice that I felt was silly or too strict or just wasn’t going to work for me.  Yeah, the pants less method for 3 days..thanks but no thanks.  I like leaving my house way too much.  Going stir crazy for three days, to have him not potty trained probably would’ve left me disappointed, and him very frustrated.  Not an ideal situation for anyone. 

I will also tell you that I have friends that LOVE that method.  Worked like a charm for their kids. 

Now, I will also inform you, the book that I referred to above, mentioned a little something about rewards .  They are BAD!  Yes, just say NO to the candy incentive..blah blah blah.  Guess what?  I bought the mini m&M’s and just like that was on the forbidden list of proverbial “no-no’s”.  Bad mom?  No.  Smart mom. Yes.  One for #1 and two for #2.  (that’s how I roll)

Ladies, all I am saying is be very fluid with how you do it.  Do what works for you and try not to stress out about it.  Don’t put some much pressure on yourselves.   Let your child guide you.  Look for signs.  Follow them.  You got this!

My son is in underwear for naps, but a pull-up at night.  The horrors, right?  No.  Not for me.

Continue to celebrate the small wins daily.  

Enjoy the ride.  Remember, diapers aren’t forever.



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Aimee Romano is currently a stay at home mommy in beautiful west Boynton Beach, FL where she and her loving husband Jake are busy raising their adorable and spunky toddler son, Aiden Penn. She is a proud native of NJ, visiting every so often to spend time with her family and friends. Aimee was a teacher in Palm Beach County, but is currently on a hiatus while being lucky enough to stay at home and raise Aiden. As much as she loved teaching, after Aiden was born she gave up 150 “kids”, for 1. He is worth the trade! Aimee also works on call/freelance as a set tutor/studio teacher for countless talented children in commercials, movies, television shows, and more. She is also very passionate about helping others and giving back to her community. When she has some free time, Aimee enjoys traveling, spa days, exercising, bike rides, and shopping! She is thrilled to be a contributor for Palm Beach Moms Blog and at almost 40 years old, she is hoping to be the voice for the older moms of toddlers out there.