Parents Only Customer Service


Sometimes the simplest of tasks for one person, can become the most difficult thing on the planet for a parent.  For me, one of the things on my to-do list that I try to avoid like the plague, is having to call customer service when there is an issue with something.  I procrastinate like crazy, until I absolutely have to call.  By that point it’s basically become a huge elephant in the room that I am trying to pretend isn’t there.


The Customer Is Always Right?

Customer service is meant to serve customers.  It’s a crazy concept, I know!  Sadly, dealing with most companies’ customer service department is worse than war-time water torture.  If it’s not rude agents, it’s long wait times, unhelpful service, or incessant ploys to upsell a product that you don’t want. 

I despise having to call and ask for assistance with anything, because I know I will be on the phone forever, explaining myself over and over again as I get transferred 8,000 times, all while my children run around screaming like little banshees.  Sounds fun, doesn’t it?!  I’m sure most parents can relate.  Some companies have extended business hours, allowing me to wait until my little cherubs are in bed.  As a busy mom, I appreciate that.  However, many customer service hours are limited to the typical 8am-5pm.  Those are prime parenting hours!

What’s the Solution?

So, here’s a thought… I think businesses should have a parents only customer service department.  If you’re a parent, you go to the front of the line.  Have children?  Here’s a special code to push, or a certain phone number to call.  Our time as guardians is limited and precious, and no one wants to waste it on the phone waiting for someone to possibly assist with a problem.  I would even consider paying slightly extra for such a wonderful service.  The time, energy, and effort I could save would be worth it!

Making the Call- 

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to apologize to customer service personnel because my kids have lost their minds while I’m trying to explain what is wrong with my ____ (you fill in the item here… internet, cable, invoice, delivery, etc.). “Sorry, Chad, no one is being murdered in my home, that’s just my sweet girls chasing each other around the house like wild hyenas.  I promise you don’t need to call 911 on my behalf.”   (Yes, that is an actual sentence I have said before!!)

It’s like feeding time at the zoo when I call customer service.  I start throwing snacks at my daughters like it’s lunch time for starving chimpanzees, just praying for 5 minutes of uninterrupted conversation with the tech person on the other end of the line.  When they inhale the food like it’s going out of style, I start grabbing crafts (against my better judgement), hoping those will entertain my littles until I can handle my customer service issues.  Even the TV doesn’t babysit my children when I’m on the phone trying to resolve complications.  It’s the one time they decide they don’t want to watch their favorite show, because apparently, screaming at the top of their lungs is more fun at that given moment.  It’s as if they know I need quiet and refuse to oblige.  What about making the call during nap time?  Nope!  Of course they wake up right as I’m explaining the situation on the phone.  It’s almost comical… almost.

So, I am all for a parents only customer service system.  It obviously needs to be staffed with extra competent people (maybe those who are parents themselves and understand our need for super fast and reliable troubleshooting).   I think it would really help save the sanity of many parents out there.  I would be willing to share the news far and wide for companies that would be willing to provide this option.  And I can almost guarantee that those corporations would see a jump in parents flocking to them, simply for the added advantage of a parents only customer service department.  Let’s see which businesses jump on board first!  

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Nichelle grew up in Michigan, Connecticut, and Hawaii, but has called Florida her home since 1993. She met her husband, Minh, while graduating from Lynn University in Boca Raton, where he owns his own Marble & Tile installation company. They have two daughters that are the light of their lives and also keep them on their toes, Tristynn (age 7), and Harleigh (age 4). Nichelle teaches 5th grade Language Arts, which goes right along with her passion of Reading. When she’s not caught up in a great book, she enjoys going out on her boat with family and friends, taking self defense classes, doing arts & crafts (Yay, Pinterest!), and taking naps. Nichelle has written 3 fictional books for (and about) her daughters, through a program for her elementary students, and is very excited to be writing for Palm Beach Moms Blog. She works hard to find the balance between work and home life, and wants other moms to know that they aren’t alone in trying to create that sense of balance in their lives