An Open Letter to the Men in My Life


            An open letter to the men in my life on this Father’s Day:



You are a father and a Papa. Watching you play with my kids is like peeking through a window into my own childhood. I get a smile on my face as I see you playing the same games I enjoyed as a child. I appreciate all the advice you give me as a parent and I see you struggle, as you always have, on when to continue to give advice or to bite your tongue and let me experience it on my own. Please keep giving advice because there is no right way to parent, but I think you did a pretty good job. I am so thankful for Facetime and the fact that you attempt to call us every day. Many miles separate us but not a day goes by that the kids don’t look forward to talking to you. This Father’s Day, I am thankful for the father you always have been, the grandfather you have shown to be, and the presence you continue to build in my life and in my children.

With love always,

Your First Baby



My love for you changed the day our daughter was born. It was a new love I have never experienced before and still can’t describe. When I first met you, I knew you would be a wonderful father. It is one of the many reasons I married you. But to think a person will be a good father and to see them become an amazing father are two different things. There are many times I struggle with wanting to just sit and watch you play with our children and wanting to join in on the fun. The smiles I see on your face and theirs always melts my heart. I appreciate how hard you work for our family and that you always put us first. I know because of you, our children will grow up loved and happy. Before we had children, you said that you could never be “the bad cop” and you do everything in your power to make sure our children are happy even if that means giving in to their ridiculous demands. I love seeing you as a father, you are even better at it than I envisioned. This Father’s Day I am thankful for having such a loving husband and hands on partner in life.

With love,

Your Wifey



My wish for you is to get to experience the amazingness of being a parent. I pray you find an amazing woman that you will treat as a queen as you are her king. I hope you, like your father and grandfather, will always put your family first. That you will always be there for them and protect them. I hope you will follow your dreams and find a career that you love and will allow you to provide for your family the way the men in your life have done. Son, you have wonderful examples of men in your life and I know if you follow in their footsteps you will do amazing things. I trust that sparkle in your eye and that smile on your face that you have every day at nine months old continues the rest of your life because this life IS exciting. This Father’s Day I am thankful for you, for the little boy that you are now and the man you will become (although you will always be my little boy).

With love to the moon,

Your Mommy

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Courtney was born in St. Louis, MO and since has lived in 12 different states. Courtney met her husband while attending the University of Alabama (Roll Tide), they both continue to be big football fans. Courtney and her husband David have lived in the beautiful town of Jupiter for 4 years after spending many years visiting her in-laws. They have been lucky enough to have two wonderful children born here, Harper (3.5) and Beckham (9 months). She is recently a stay at home mom, former teacher. Although she misses the classroom she is enjoying teaching her own children at home. Courtney enjoys spending time with her family at the beach, iced lattes and wine to keep up with the kids, working out and traveling. Courtney has always had a passion for writing and is excited to blog about all things motherhood and palm beach.