Old Fashioned Ice Cream Soda


School is out! Summer, summer, summer time…

I love summer. Summer to me is late nights, no homework, time with my boys, naps, the pool, air conditioning on full blast and of course ice-cream!

I always pull out my Old Fashioned Ice Cream Soda to celebrate the end of the school year. My summer was all about Ice Cream Sodas.   

My Grandma(my Dad’s mom) lived to 103. And her diet wasn’t high protein and low carbs, that’s for sure. She always had very cold cans of coke in her fridge and vanilla ice cream in her freezer. After dinner she would make my sisters and I ice cream sodas. And they were a-ma-zing!




Fill your glass of choice with several scoops of vanilla ice cream. Don’t skimp out on the ice cream. Open a cold can of coke and pour it over the ice cream until it’s filled to the top. You can also use root beer and it will be just as good!

I hope this brings you back to a happy summer day in your childhood. Enjoy!

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