New mom in Palm Beach County? We’ve got a group for you..


If you are anything like me, after your first baby was born, you sort of were in a trance for a while.  I like to think it was a combination of lack of sleep AND 100% change in your life and marriage.  I don’t care how many people give you “advice,” NOTHING will truly prepare you for the day your newborn arrives.  In my case, really “getting” the whole breastfeeding thing was a challenge.  Looking back I think I should’ve been more prepared…but honesty ladies, how can you really “prepare” to be a nursing mom…books are only so helpful, right? Which leads me to the first group which was so helpful..

Facebook groups became my go to!  There are so many different mom Facebook groups for mothers in Palm Beach County!

Here are 4 recommended types facebook groups to join if you need some help in the world of motherhood:

Any Breastfeeding Support/Pumping/ Formula Group

How long can you leave pumped milk out?  Questions about pumping?  Needing to vent about nursing or other issues.  Local resources regarding any issues whatsoever pertaining to feeding your child can be found in here.  I loved my group as I was really able to just sit down sometimes, go to my “group” when I was pumping and realize I was NOT alone in how exhausted and overwhelmed I really was.  Some of us moms were on at 3am, and it was nice to know you were NOT alone.  There are various groups to choose from.  I would definitely reach out to your mom friends, and chances are they are in one as well.

Babywearing Groups

I think it’s pretty safe to say that half of you new moms that are reading this probably have some sort of baby carrrier, whether it be a ring sling, a wrap, or an SSC like a Lillebaby, Tula, or an Ergo.  I absolutely loved being in the babywearing groups in Palm Beach County!  It was so much fun meeting other local moms, strapping on the little ones and meeting up for some coffee, a nature stroll, or even just to connect and learn how to wrap, etc.  There are so many fun carriers and beautiful wraps, and for those that aren’t that comfortable in this area, the experienced moms are so helpful to get you on your way to babywearing in style.  I am still trying to master my back-carry with my soon-to-be 2 year old..looks like another meetup playdate is in my near future.  

Babywearing Society of South Florida and South Florida Babywearing are some of my faves. 

Car Seats for the Littles

This is a group of people, many who are certified car seat techs, or “CST’s” who are extremely responsive to answering any questions mom’s have about car seat safety, etc.  I know a few of my good friends, as well as myself have posted questions in this group and were immediately answered by the technicians.  I can honestly say I learned so much from this group…who knew car seats could expire?  Any questions, about help with installation to the safety of brand, car seat recall info, etc. can be found in this group. 

Palm Beach Mom’s Group or any local Palm Beach County Mom’s Group

I definitely love being a member on this group, as they are very mommy friendly and you can honestly ask anything and the local PB mom brigade is usually there with their recommendations.  For someone like me, who is not originally from Florida, it has been such a gem to have everything from kid-friendly restaurants, things to do, best place for kids haircut, best pediatric dentist, places to buy toddler soccer shorts, and the list goes on and on.  You have a wealth of local knowledge right at your fingertips.

These are just a few I like, but I know there are interest groups for potty training, healthy eating, sleep training…YOU NAME IT! 

We all know that there is safety in numbers, and I think that joining the online local community can be so rewarding, and the best part it’s FREE, there is no obligation, AND you can do it on your time.

Good luck ladies and I hope you find yourself a group that works with your lifestyle and philosophy!

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Aimee Romano is currently a stay at home mommy in beautiful west Boynton Beach, FL where she and her loving husband Jake are busy raising their adorable and spunky toddler son, Aiden Penn. She is a proud native of NJ, visiting every so often to spend time with her family and friends. Aimee was a teacher in Palm Beach County, but is currently on a hiatus while being lucky enough to stay at home and raise Aiden. As much as she loved teaching, after Aiden was born she gave up 150 “kids”, for 1. He is worth the trade! Aimee also works on call/freelance as a set tutor/studio teacher for countless talented children in commercials, movies, television shows, and more. She is also very passionate about helping others and giving back to her community. When she has some free time, Aimee enjoys traveling, spa days, exercising, bike rides, and shopping! She is thrilled to be a contributor for Palm Beach Moms Blog and at almost 40 years old, she is hoping to be the voice for the older moms of toddlers out there.