Mama, You Got This!


Ok, so I feel like there are a tonnn of things doctors should tell you before you have children, but I wont go there this round. We all know parenting is one of the toughest jobs out there. It doesn’t come with a manual, (although we sometimes wish it did). There are so many unanswered questions and then just when we think we’ve got it all figured out, we get smacked in the face with another awesome adventure (I’m being PC here).

Let’s talk back to school.

Rewind back to when I sent my little man to his first day of school ever, four years ago. That stuff was tough. There weren’t enough tissues, comfort foods or words of encouragement that could make me feel like the world wasn’t coming to an end. I’m not trying to scare you new mommas out there, but all I can say is just be ready. Have something planned for the drop off day and even the several other days after that. We all know how it goes..first day that kid is like “Bye, Felicia!” Come day two, they’re like, “No mama, I already went to school!” (Insert laughing emoji here) Don’t get me wrong, once you’re in a groove, the tiny break you do get to tackle that never-ending to do list, finally starts to see a dent!

Let’s now fast-forward to flipping grade school. I cannot even believe I’m saying this, but ladies and gentlemen, we have a Kindergartener. Now if I was smart enough, or even mathematically saavy enough. I would NOT have started our little lady in her first days at school, during the same season that my first born was going to an elementary school. Like a real big boy school. I hear all you seasoned moms like, “Ya ya go get your nails did,” but this was a pretty bad blow to our schedule, our flow and our overall life! (Fine, slight dramatization)

Anyhoot, I need a few questions answered:

Why the heck are there endless amounts of paperwork to be filled out (some of which are still sitting in a pile in my kitchen)?

Why didn’t anyone tell me that not one, but BOTH kids would possibly contract CROUP? (What the heck is that crud anyhow?) on the FIRST day of school?! (This my friends, is NOT a dramatization!) BOTH children missed days two and three of school.

Oh and since when would my smooshy little guy who loves to snuggle his momma walk totally solo into his classroom like he was sixteen and NOT want to hold my hand?! The nerve!

Don’t even get me started on the fact that he when then decide that the meals I made through my blood, sweat and tears…that were organic, dairy and gluten-free and NOT genetically modified weren’t living up to the cafeteria food expectations and instead choose to have lunch money?! (p.s. we’re still negotiating terms)

My only saving grace is my daughter still get teary-eyed when I drop her off! All I’m saying, is when I get an invite to “Meet the Teacher,” there should be a person, a group or a committee for that matter to sit me down and read me my rights. I want to know in black and white that the first week of school is going to be sheer terror. It’s not going to be picture-perfect like we see on everyone’s insta feeds. (P.s. I took an obligatory one on @brianadandrea)

Here’s the deal…is it going to be tough? Yes! Will you get through it, heck yes! Just know that once you shop for the perfect uniforms, the perfect backpack, you sign every. Single. Gosh darn form. You get the perfectly planned lunches.  You finally nail the carpool line. There will be mood swings, there will be what ifs, there will be anxiety and tears and struggles. Just know you aren’t alone. You will get through it! Don’t let the next perfectly pressed mama next to you make you feel like they’ve had it any easier. When you pick up their smiling faces after a long day only to do it all over again the next day, just know…Mama, you got this!

-Briana D.


Briana D’Andrea is a former Broadcast Media Journalist turned mommy & wellness blogger and entrepreneur. She hopes to sprinkle some value into your life as you navigate to make better and more informed decisions. Follow her adventures on, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube.


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