Guest Post – A Mom’s Guide to Swimwear


Spring Break is just around the corner, the temperature is slowly creeping back into the 80’s, and the Summer Camps are now open for registration. It’s happening, ladies. Time to put away the long sleeve shirts and jeans and get ready for your family vacation to the beach, trips to the local water parks and days acting as lifeguard by the pool (grab your whistle). Bathing suit season is almost here which means we have to eventually drag ourselves to the mall to buy one. Ugh. Why does the thought of trying on bathing suits make us want to hide in our bottomless pile of laundry?

I kind of equate swimwear to a first date – it’s pretty to look at, amazing to daydream about, but when the time comes to actually do the darn thing and wear it … it can be intimidating, humbling and an all-together letdown. But just as a first date must happen to have a second one, whether we like it or not, a few swimsuits must be purchased as Floridian Moms. It goes with the territory so let’s have a little fun, shall we?

I feel like we’re so hard our bodies to begin with, throw in bathing suit shopping and the self-criticism can dial up to a 10 really fast. We live in a society where photo apps and airbrushing has taken the place of a true “candid,” making it hard for us to have realistic expectations when it comes to our own bodies. Add the beautiful, but sometimes challenging things that come with aging, childbirth, etc. and it can feel like we’re undergoing an all day, every day physical assault. As far as swimwear goes, the positive to our current culture is that we have been gifted oodles of talented designers who have come up with, what feels like, millions of different choices for millions of different bodies and preferences. From styles, to cuts, to colors, to designs – we have options, my friends. So, let’s talk through a few styles that can take you from the kids’ pool to the beach to the (gasp) adult-only cabana, and feeling great all day long.

Before giving some helpful tips, I want to let all of you know I don’t discriminate between a one- or two-piece suit. I think, when worn in a classy “I am a role model for my kids” type of way, they can both be trendy, chic and beautiful. You’ll want to try on several styles of both to see what feels the best for your body type, but here are a few general pointers to keep in mind as you shop:


  • Petite figures and those of us with little-to-no hips can work a boy short or more conservative bottom. If you want to cover your hips and stomach, trend toward higher cut bottoms that can give where needed and will also effortlessly elongate your legs.
  • For the ladies that are lucky to have a chiseled middle, try on a few one-piece suits with the sides conservatively cut out. Just remember, less if more here as too much cut out can very quickly turn into Julia’s epic outfit from Pretty Woman. NOT ok for the kid pool.
  • Smaller chest? Try a more interesting top in a two piece, like an off-the-shoulder cap sleeve or one-shoulder top. One of my favorites in a one-piece top is a deeper v neck with a tie or clasp. Still classy, but takes your look from functional to flirty.
  • If you are well endowed in the chest area, I’d recommend looking for coverage and lift in styles you love. Think bandeau tops and scoop necks, where your keeping things “in place” while still showing off what you got.


With so many great styles to choose from, our options are endless. What’s most important is that you feel comfortable, and by that, I mean you aren’t constantly fussing with your bathing suit bottom or adjusting your top all day long. The goal is walk to the pool feeling great and focusing on having fun with your family!

With all this information, you may be wondering where to shop!? I will say that bathing suits are an extremely hard wardrobe piece to shop for online. If you choose this route, make sure to buy a few different sizes, as there is no rhyme or reason to bathing suit sizing. If you chose to shop local, below are some of my current favorite spots. Happy Shopping – see you at the pool!


  • LolaDre: From the moment you walk in the door, this new boutique will blow you away with their trendy collection of designers, amazing accessories and super sweet staff. You’ll find beautiful swimsuits and cover ups that fit perfectly for the Palm Beach scene.


  • Kirna Zabete: The sister store of a hot spot in New York City and the Hamptons, this store is haute! They boast high-end suits from designers not typically found in our area. Shop there for a sophisticated splurge. I go to New York Fashion Week and love the styles I see there. It’s such a treat to see this style making its way to our neighborhood.


  • Vagabond: This store just moved locations and is killing it. With their laid back “boho beachy” style, this would be the spot to shop for a suit for cruising around the intercoastal or hosting a backyard BBQ.


Krista Glover has lived in the Palm Beach area for close to 5 years. After spending nearly 10 years as an event planner and design specialist for the PGA TOUR and then Golf Channel, she moved on to her next most rewarding job as a stay at home Mom. 

Now, along with “Mom-ing,” to  Cille (6) and Luc (4), she spends her time fueling fashion, beauty and wellness expertise to her nationally established brand, Chic Meets West, a website founded as a lifestyle resource for women of all ages. Additionally, she is a co-founder of the local event and decor company, Centerpieces, creating showstopping events and interior design for local celebrities, Moms, and more!