Easter Traditions


Back in November and December I created posts on Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions my family liked to do for the holidays. Now that Easter is approaching, I am going to tell you about my families Easter traditions.

Every holiday looks different family to family.  I share my traditions to give moms ideas for what they may want to implement in their family, or to encourage them to start their own traditions, or I may just entertain you with the ridiculous things I do for my family!

Easter has transformed into a much more commercialized holiday since I was young. Sure, we received baskets  but now there is far more in the stores that you can buy to decorate your house, different ways to decorate eggs, different candy, different ways to stuff the eggs, I could go on and on about all the Easter things. Go to Target and Easter fills up just as many aisles as Halloween and Thanksgiving.

When my first daughter was an infant I bought her an Easter basket that I plan to use every year. I let my kids put their baskets out the night before Easter. Then in the morning when they wake up their basket is hiding somewhere in the house filled with little Easter goodies.

We love or I should say my kids love “hunting” for Easter Eggs. You can pretty much find an Easter Egg hunt anywhere. So I try to limit how many we go too. We also set up a little Easter Egg hunt at our house for Easter morning setting eggs both inside and outside. Filled with coins, stickers, tattoos, gummies, or other little trinkets. I try not to do too much candy.

Speaking of Easter Egg hunts. Last year we went to the large Easter Egg hunt that is held at Roger Dean Stadium each year. Man, was that overwhelming! They advertise having the eggs dropped down from a helicopter, but unfortunately last year President Trump was in town and they weren’t allowing any aircraft in the air at the time. It was disappointing, but you should have seen how many eggs they had laying out on that baseball field! They divide the filed in different sections laying out about 3,000 + eggs in each section. Then they call the children down by age starting with oldest to pick up as many eggs as they can in their section. As a parent you sit in the stadium praying your child doesn’t get trampled. My daughter was 3.5 when we went and she had a blast, but it sure is crazy. For the little ones, they do allow one parent on the field with the children. But surprisingly you then have parents diving over three year olds for eggs too.

The Easter Bunny is also a tradition we try to visit each year. Just like Santa Clause the Easter Bunny can be a hit or miss, but I always give it a try. Hoping to either get a cute picture or an awful one that I can save for their 16th birthday party.

Besides celebrating Jesus Christ and eating a good meal with family these are some other things we like to do to celebrate Easter as a family. What are some of your Easter traditions?

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