DIY: Beaded Mask Holder


If life gives you lemons then make lemonade. Despite your feelings about our children wearing masks, they are required and with school around the corner. I’m trying to embrace these times and make wearing a mask fun for our little ones. Let’s show our children by remaining positive, that even the school year or grocery shop, though it may look very different, can still be great.  And we can all move through it with grace and most of all style. Here’s a simple stretchy lightweight mask holder that will help keep track of your children’s mask!  They will be able to take the mask on and off without dropping and adds a lot of style fun and a personal touch.

What you will need :

Beads any style and color your child love

The smaller and light weight Beads will work best.

Letter beads

To add your child’s first, middle or last name.
Teachers will be thankful for this.

A charm bead

To add a little more personality to your mask chain.

Clip on earrings latches or necklace clasp

Crimp Covers

Stretch magic bead and jewelry cord


Time to Create

Cut the string long enough that it hangs like a long necklace add 2 inches extra for the clasp and trimming.

First, attach the open crimp clasp at one end about an inch down from the end. There are a many videos on attaching these. I just simply stringed it from the bottom to top and once again and tied it off.

Next, attach the clasp of your choice. I went with a clip on earring for my younger children though you can use a necklace clasp as well. Connect the crimp clasp to the clip on and close with with pliers.

Now it’s the fun part let your child inner fashionista come out.

Start with a few beads then switch to the letter beads to spell their name. Remember to spell it facing downwards.

Continue your pattern of choice until you reach the opposite side, just about the same distance as their first name.

Spell out either a middle or last name. Remember to do it backwards starting with the last letter first .

Repeat the open crimp and clip on earring and you’re done.

Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be. Stay safe have a great start to school in which ever way you choose and let all of us moms support each other through this school year .

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Christina spent her childhood growing up in Wellington, Florida on the back of ponies. With her love of the equestrian sport and the small town feeling of Wellington, she has now made it home for her family. Christina has a beautiful blended family with her husband, Justin and their four children. Christina was a Montessori teacher and riding instructor and now has taken on the role of a stay at home mom. Her passions include children’s development and education, traveling made easy with children, events and experiences and photography. She is excited to share how her family experiences in the great town they love and all the little things they discover along the way as a family!


  1. Hi Christina,

    I was wondering if you happen to have a mask chain pattern you can share as a pdf?

    Trying to follow video tutorials can be tricky!

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