It’s the Most Busiest Time of the Year!




I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting when my son started school. A lot of me felt that I would have a lot more time on my hands. But the reality of it is, I find myself with even less time now that both my two older boys are attending school. I originally put my middle son into a three day preschool to give him time to socialize. It was also a great opportunity for me to have alone time with our little baby. With our old is starting kindergarten in the fall and our middle going three days a week I thought I was set to have a lot of free time. Boy, was I wrong.

Within the first couple weeks of school, I realized I was going to be spending a lot of time in the car from dropping off one son in the morning to going to making it for 9:30 am drop off at his three hours preschool. By the time I would get home from pick up, I had about 30 minutes before I would have to go get in the car line.  Some of you might think I’m crazy for waiting outside my son’s school for an hour, but my baby usually naps at that time and my middle son likes to read while we wait. Reading on a tablet means the same thing right? 

 Then came the homework. Not for my kindergartner, but for my preschooler. He had homework almost every day after school. It’s “fun homework” but it still work. It’s teaching him how to cut and find letters and it’s great, but it’s a lot of work for me when I have three at home. Then we’re expected to volunteer at both schools. I love to volunteer, but at the elementary school I cannot do that with the baby. So if I want to go volunteer my time, I need to find a babysitter or a  neighbor who is willing to help. So again, kind of inconvenient and keeps us busy for sure. 

My husband had taken the week off of Halloween/ my birthday to dedicate time to volunteering. He spent one whole day at our son’s elementary school being a Watchdog (which is a great program that our elementary school offers). On Halloween, first saw one son in a character parade and then had to race to our other son’s school for trunk or treat and a Halloween show.  This, of course, was after the awesome Friday event of trunk or treat at the elementary school. Phew!


It dawned on me that our kids have a better social life was way busier than ours. Between T-ball games, T-ball practice, events almost every week (ice cream night, burger night), birthday parties, and volunteering, this has become the busiest time of year for us. And it’s not even Christmas time yet!  Don’t get me wrong, I love doing all the stuff for my kids, making the memories and seeing their faces when they see us. I know that we are fortunate to be able to attend so many things on some parents can’t have days off. It’s just so funny to me, how naïve I was before school started. I know it’s only going to get much busier as the boys grow older. So, for this season of my life, it’s all about events, it’s all about PTO fundraisers, and it’s all about my boys. I won’t  complain about this being one of the busiest times of my life because it’ll be over sooner than we think.

So if you’re out there, running around with each one of your kids, I commend you! You’re doing an amazing job! Keep it up because these are the memories your children will remember.  And to the parents that can’t make it, you’re providing for your child and THAT is amazing! Don’t you worry, you’ll always find a neighbor or friend that will be there for your child and snap the pictures for you. Because it takes a village, and we will always be there for one another!

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Born in Queens, NY and raised in Boynton Beach, FL, Laura has lived a full life here in the sunshine state. A mommy of three boys and married to her own Prince Charming, Laura has a crazy busy life. She enjoys reading, painting, sing alongs in the car with her kiddies, Disney trips, and many a nights binge watching her favorite shows with her husband. As a registered Dental Hygienist, Laura feels extremely passionate about kids having proper oral health care and knowledge. She’s currently a stay at home/work on Saturdays when Daddy is home mommy.  Any rainy day can carry a rainbow if you just look for the sunshine and she tries to live her live that way. Laura is excited to share her knowledge, stories and humor with this team and all the great mothers and care givers that read Palm Beach Moms Blog!