Boca Town Center….the perfect mommy and me for a rainy day!


Ok ladies, I totally know you are all most definitely curious as to how a mall can be used as a fun little place for toddlers to burn energy and have fun.  Don’t forget us mommies need fun too!

Today, I didn’t necessarily feel like going to a brutally hot playground, nor did I feel like packing everything but the kitchen sink and heading to the beach, pool or local sprayground.  What I did, however feel like was being in A/C and exploring all the mall had to offer to me and my little, which would not involve my girls, Tory, Kate, or Tiffany. (I am SURE you can ALL relate).  After all, being a stay-at-home mom, the budget is definitely tight.  So, the mall it is!

We started out at the MAC store, where I took advantage of their program, which maybe some of you don’t know, where you can return your used/empty makeup back and get a free lipstick, gloss or even an eyeshadow for FREE!  Yes, FREE!  You just need to bring in six products back to them.  So, as my son was napping peacefully in his stroller, this mama was trying on the new colors of the season…Lychee Luxe, Pink Lemonade, anyone?  I walked out with about 4 new products and felt fab..nothing like the power of a new gloss, am I right ladies?  I am woman, hear me ROAR! 

Next up, I was planning on strolling on over to do some window shopping when my baby woke up, he was ready to play and get out.  It was the perfect timing, as I approached a few kids dancing with the interactive dance video game. 

Immediately, my son joined in on the fun like he owned the place.  I thought this could very well give me ten, or MAYBE fifteen minutes of down time while he was entertained.  I was wrong..he LOVED it.  He and the kids danced up a storm.  Almost 45 min. to an hour later..he was still bopping around.  If your toddler loves to dance as much as mine does, this is a MUST-DO.  They even had some Disney tunes as that was definitely a plus for us.

I highly recommend if you are looking for a fun activity..get to this little Xbox kiosk at Boca Town Center…future play date anyone?

Next, we headed over to the food court, to of course look for some sort of nutritious lunch…am I the only one who laughs thinking how we fed our babies THE  healthiest stuff known to man and prided ourselves on that, and now they get some chick-fil-a nuggest and fries, and it’s a wrap?  Kale and spinach has nothing on those kids nuggets.

So, as we were making our way to Chick-Fil-A, we are getting handed some free samples of food on the way…falafel bites  anyone?  Yes, I will, thank you very much..but not for me..this is for my toddler to eat just so mommy can go to bathroom for a minute in peace.  Yes, thank you man with the sample falafel today.  It really saved the day.

After lunch, we decided it was time to head home, but not before making a pit stop in the Apple Store of course.  Mama is checking out the new apple watch, hey my 40th is coming up soon…but wait, this window shopping thing can be quite the struggle after all.


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Aimee Romano is currently a stay at home mommy in beautiful west Boynton Beach, FL where she and her loving husband Jake are busy raising their adorable and spunky toddler son, Aiden Penn. She is a proud native of NJ, visiting every so often to spend time with her family and friends. Aimee was a teacher in Palm Beach County, but is currently on a hiatus while being lucky enough to stay at home and raise Aiden. As much as she loved teaching, after Aiden was born she gave up 150 “kids”, for 1. He is worth the trade! Aimee also works on call/freelance as a set tutor/studio teacher for countless talented children in commercials, movies, television shows, and more. She is also very passionate about helping others and giving back to her community. When she has some free time, Aimee enjoys traveling, spa days, exercising, bike rides, and shopping! She is thrilled to be a contributor for Palm Beach Moms Blog and at almost 40 years old, she is hoping to be the voice for the older moms of toddlers out there.