100 Things to Do at Home with Kids


With schools closed, we know all of us Palm Beach mamas will be spending more time at home with our kids. Here is a list of 100 things to do at home with kids, including a PDF printable list. Print out the list and check off items as you go, using the hashtag #palmbeachmomsblog on social media!

  1. Play tag
  2. Hide and go seek
  3. Red rover
  4. Sardines in a can
  5. Hopscotch
  6. Sidewalk chalk
  7. Bubbles
  8. Water play
  9. Play in the sprinklers
  10. Start a vegetable garden
  11. Yard work
  12. Swimming
  13. Obstacle courses
  14. Sports practice
  15. Ride bikes
  16.  Play catch
  17.  Yoga
  18. Read books
  19. Listen to audio books
  20. Drawing videos
  21. Facebook live videos – story time, music, zoo live, etc.
  22. Netflix documentaries
  23. Facetime with friends and family members
  24. Sort change
  25. Roll change
  26. Sensory bins – scoop poms, beads, rice, oats, sand, pasta spirals, etc.
  27. Make sensory glitter bottles
  28. Make slime
  29. Write letters and make cards for friends and family members 
  30. Make cards for people in nursing homes
  31. Musical instrument practice
  32.  Make videos of your child singing, dancing, reading, etc.
  33. Coloring
  34. Painting
  35.  Scrapbooking
  36. Mess free painting for babies
  37. St. Patrick’s Day themed crafts
  38. Easter themed crafts
  39. Handprint art
  40.  Play restaurant
  41. Play dress up
  42. Put on a play
  43. Put on a fashion show
  44. Tea party
  45.  Play store
  46. Family board games
  47. Card games
  48. Wash the car
  49. Build a fort
  50. Watch a movie
  51. Make popcorn
  52. Make lemonade
  53. Puzzles
  54. Build with Legos
  55. Make pizza
  56. Bake cookies
  57. Bake and decorate cupcakes
  58. Camping in the backyard
  59. Walking the dog
  60. Decorating for Easter
  61. Scavenger hunts
  62. Family talent show
  63. Spring cleaning
  64. Clean the garage
  65. Tidy up
  66. Sort baby/ kids’ clothes
  67. Reorganize a room or closet
  68.  Pajama party day
  69.  Breakfast for dinner
  70.  Have a family competition – singing, dancing, putting, shooting baskets, etc.
  71.  Play freeze dance
  72.  Teach kids how to do laundry
  73.  Make cinnamon toast
  74. Make hot chocolate
  75.  Have a Frozen II themed movie party
  76.  Taco Tuesdays
  77.  Meal prep
  78.  Write in a journal
  79.  Gratitude jar or journal
  80.  Teach your child to tie his or her shoes
  81.  Potty training
  82.  Look at old pictures together
  83.  Watch home videos together
  84.  Show your kids your wedding video or album
  85.  Paint a room in your house
  86.  Make pretend mailboxes and deliver mail to family members
  87.  Bake brownies
  88.  Look for earthworms or tadpoles
  89.  Do a family workout
  90.  Pray together
  91.  Have quiet reading time together
  92.  Family sleepover in the living room
  93.  Morning math activities
  94.  Make trail mix
  95.  Go on a nature walk
  96.  Collect items from nature like leaves, acorns, etc.
  97.  Make a nature collage with the items you collect
  98.  Write letters to pen pals 
  99.  Make friendship bracelets
  100.  Teach your child to sew

What other things do you like to do at home with your kids? Please share in the comments!