Launch With Us!  Following Space Exploration!

It is a very exciting time for space exploration! Sending men into space, preparing for the first woman on the moon and SpaceX setting records with numerous monthly launches, it truly is a great time to be alive!! Palm Beach Moms Collective thinks it’s crucial to engage children and parents in what’s still occurring and the constant excitement of the near future. Whether America is sending satellites into space or testing future rockets for man, we’re here to update you on events, fun facts and how you can be involved. PBMC has the behind the scenes tour, can ask reader questions to staff at Kennedy Space Center and more! Follow us for all up to date information of planned orbital missions. Contact Gina at [email protected] for the best place to view from your location!  

Upcoming Launches: 

Astronaut Crew 1 Launch – 

NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 will take flight from Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral on Sunday, November 15th at 7:27pm for the launch of the first crew rotation mission to the International Space Station as part of the agency’s Commercial Crew Program. 
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Launch with Us 1
Launch with Us 2
One step closer to boots on the moon!
• Please note: Launch dates and times change daily. Palm Beach Mom Collective tries to inform our readers of the most up to date information but suggests checking the NASA Kennedy website for confirmation prior to traveling to view a launch.


Best Spots to watch a Launch (besides visiting Kennedy Space Center)

Watching a rocket launch into the sky can be exhilarating for kids and adults! Sometimes, I would rather relax with the boys and not venture through Kennedy Space Visitor Center to view one. Below are the best spots to watch a launch up the coast, to Cape Canaveral. Don’t see your favorite park or location listed? Share with us to spread the word! 

Melbourne and Titusville Locations

Ocean Park
Located near Melbourne Beach, this spot allows launch viewers to pass time hosting picnics at the pavilions, utilizing volleyball courts and overlooking the beach. 
Sand Point Park
This location is great because not only do you get to see the launch, but the atmosphere is tranquil and quite beautiful. Located in the heart of Historic Downtown, you can relax near Indian River Lagoon and visit The Astronaut Memorial Plaza within walking distance. 
Playalinda Beach
Even though this beach is in Titusville, this area is only five miles away from the launch pads of Kennedy Space Center so it is deemed the closest. There is a $10 fee to access the beach through the National Park, but well worth it! 
Space View Park
One of the best places to view a launch due to the direction of the park in accordance to the KSC launch pads, bring a blanket and some snacks and enjoy the green space while a rocket launches right above your head!

Cape Canaveral Locations:   

Exploration Tower
If you haven’t experienced the 7th floor observation deck, this spot is highly suggested. Not only do you get to enjoy the panoramic views of the Port, but the tower provides deck telescopes to get a close up seat to lift off. Afterwards, any restaurant at the Port (walking distance) will provide for a great end to the day. 
Jetty Park 
One of my personal favorites, we like to enjoy a day at the beach and a front row seat to one of the clearest locations to the KSC launch pads. Jetty Park allows anyone to hear the rumbles through the sky right above your heads! It is $15 per vehicle to get in, but allows access all day. 
Cocoa Beach Pier 
Want to enjoy an outdoor meal or beverage while you wait? The Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier has five restaurants, four bars and spans over 800 feet into the ocean. Raised above the sand and surf and covered by tiki huts, this is the perfect place to party while you celebrate another successful mission. 

Did You Know…

There are multiple agencies that are involved in space exploration besides NASA? All of the following have their own operations in Cape Canaveral:
United Launch Alliance (ULA)
Blue Origin 
Space Launch System (SLS)