National No Housework Day


Did you know that April 7th is an amazing holiday?  I was not aware but I am quickly spreading the word.  It is National No Housework Day!  Not sure why there is so much talk about Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day because as a mom we know that holidays mean more work for us but rejoice my fellow mamas.  Not today, not No Housework Day!  

History of National No Housework Day

According to, National No Housework Day was created in the 1980s by Thomas and Ruth Roy who own a website that sells health and relaxation products.

Most of us spend the day at work or doing housework, sometimes it can be hard to do something that actually gives you joy when you see dishes piling up or laundry that needs to be put away. National No Housework Day gives everyone the opportunity to not feel guilty about not doing housework! So  finish reading that book, meet up with friends for some food, go for a long walk in the park, or just stay home doing nothing and relaxing.

Things I am going to do instead of housework on this amazing holiday:

  • Get a nice cup of coffee at Starbucks
  • Talk the dog for a relaxing walk
  • Get my Covid Vaccine
  • Order pizza for the kids and ask for paper plates

Only question I have is, is April 8th double housework day?  


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