Smoothie Bowl


Let’s face it. After a long summer of hanging around with no stress, getting back to school is tough. The first couple of weeks are draining on the kids. They are getting back on a schedule, getting adjusted to new teachers, new classes and new friends. Sometimes I wish I could hang out at school just in case they need their helicopter mom🤷🏻‍♀️. But I can’t and they certainly won’t let me now that they are getting bigger. 

Starting each day off right with a healthy breakfast will help keep them focused and healthy as they get back in to the swing of things.  

My new favorite smoothie bowl can be used for breakfast, after school snack or dessert! They are super healthy and can be prepped for the whole week. This is not only something my kids grab out of the freezer.  My husband and I always grab them on the go.  

Two things that I recommend to make this prepping easier are a powerful blender and paper cups for freezing.

This basic Ninja blender is my favorite kitchen item! It can stand up to any frozen fruit!

I ordered these cups on Amazon and can not get enough of them. They are the perfect size to freeze the smoothie and there’s room on top for all your favorite toppings.  

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