New Snack Ideas!

Ok it’s November, are you kids getting sick of the same old snacks you pack them every day?  
Lately, my kids have had some new faves for school/ after school snacks and I love to share them with all of you!
  1. Chocolate Hummus or the Brownie Batter Hummus, accompanied with fresh strawberries or pretzels. I found this yummy snack at Trader Joe’s and Target. Be careful, some brands may not comply with a nut-free classroom.
  2. “Little Thom’s” grapes that I found at Trader Joe’s. They are mini grapes, they are available in both purple or green. Delicious and cute (even though they are small, out of habit I still slice them lengthwise as I do all my grapes!)
  3. Ham slices. I had to get fancy to be sure the kids would eat them, I used a few small cookie cutters (ex: Mickey face shaped and small fish shapes) that I had on hand. I had ordered the cutters last year from Amazon and was so excited to remember to use them to spice up the lunches!
  4. Mini cucumbers! My kids love these but not as much as pickles! Sometimes I sprinkle them with a little salt or a tiny splash of vinegar or just serve them plain. Trader Joe’s always seems to have these and I recently saw mini zucchini’s… I served a few of those at dinner one night (I told the kids that the zucchini is the cousin of the cucumber, so they tried them too!)
  5. Fresh fruit, whatever looks the best/freshest in season is what we go with!
  6. Organic Avocado Mash (tiny single servings from Costco). Ingredients are just organic Hass avocados, organic lemon juice, sea salt, and organic black pepper. Can serve with pretzels, chips, veggies or sliced peppers (Mom points: I’ve recently gotten my kids to eat plain/raw yellow peppers by slicing them up into thin sticks and displayed them in a French fry container for fun! This momma loves these on the go too! )  *Mom tip: Unless your fam can swiftly consume a Costco -sized box of avocado mash, consider splitting this box up with another momma to be sure you can use them by the use by date.
  7. Fruit snacks! We try to limit these and opt for the ones without artificial colors and dyes. Target, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods have some nice brands and flavors. I am currently preparing to be brave and try to tackle a homemade fruit leather recipe… I will make a post to share if it turns out good!
  8. Voortman Bakery wafer cookies from Publix cookie aisle. One loves the chocolate flavor and my other kid loves the strawberry flavored wager cookie. Sometimes you see a new exciting flavor or a chocolate-covered wafer! Be aware they are possibly processed by tree nuts. I keep this one in our home pantry. If not these cookies, then we will get some Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies. Our favorite is the Chocolate Raspberry and the double-dipped chocolate! Other amazing ones are the Chocolate Cinnamon, Chocolate Strawberry, and Toasted Marshmallow flavor. Even the original cookie is super yummy, I’ve noticed them in two-pack serving sizes. Delicious! I wish I disliked chocolate like my husband!
  9. For a special occasional surprise treat after school (and way before bedtime and not everyday) Chocolate covered strawberries fresh from Publix or frozen from Trader Joe’s! I get them fresh from Publix Bakery counter, this week they had some that had confetti! My family loves the frozen “Gone Berry Crazy” frozen Chocolate Strawberries (the box with the bunny on it) from Trader shoes Frozen aisle. Prepare yourself for December, when the Godiva Chocolate store in the Boca Town Center Mall has crushed peppermint Chocolate covered strawberries!
  10. While we are talking chocolate, I have to share this adorable chocolate bar my daughter found in Trader Joe’s: “Mini Gummy Bears on a chocolate pool day!” They have both milk and white chocolate with mini gummy bears sprinkled inside.

** We have the snacks down…I am having a hard time coming up with things they will eat for breakfast in the morning. I do want to share “Rapunzel Eggies!” If you are Disney fans… it’s just getting creative with a plate of scrambled eggs! I make a little face out of ketchup and place the eggs to be like rapunzel hair! It sometimes gets them to eat the scrambled eggs! If they don’t go for that…. Trader Joe’s has an Organic Strawberry Frosted Toaster Pastry! I dislike the original Pop Tarts for the huge list of strange Ingredients and artificial flavors/colors. These Trader Joe ones seem to be a slightly healthier option, but they are still a sugary carb so in limited quantities should be ok. Comment below any of your go to kids snacks or breakfast meals for kids on the go!

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Originally from Long Island, New York, Kim Ballejo first moved to Florida as a college student, fell in love with Palm Beach and never left. After college, Kim worked in Diagnostic Imaging for over 10 years and is now a married, stay at home mom with two daughters, ages 4 and 6. She loves to write about experiences in motherhood, exploring new and fun things to do with the kids, and connecting with the amazing moms in the community. Kim also enjoys crafting, working out at Orange Theory Fitness, shopping, make-up, fashion, movies, massages, facials, moms nights out, date nights, going on family cruises and everything Disney!!! If you see her in target, say hello... but if you catch her cutting the car line at the school just look the other way! Kim is a contributor for Palm Beach Moms Blog and you can follow her on Instagram @kimballejo


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