Eat Local: Ideal Nutrition


Can’t decide what to make for dinner? Imagine opening your fridge at the end of the day and seeing fresh, healthy meals already prepared for you and your family. This is what local company Ideal Nutrition offers, at a cost of only $7 per meal, including free delivery with every subscription (use our code PALMBEACHMOM10 for a discount when ordering!)

The menu caters to different dietary needs, including classic recipes like chicken parmesan and buffalo chicken wraps, as well as plant-based options like vegetable and grain bowls. They also have breakfast and lunch options that are quick, healthy, and perfect to pack, like protein blueberry muffins!

All meals contain natural ingredients free from GMO’s, hormones, and added preservatives, and some meals contain organic ingredients. Delivery is available throughout Palm Beach County, and you can also pick up an order at one of three locations, in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, or Boca Raton.

We love ordering from Ideal Nutrition, and hope your family does, too!


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